What are your frugal Father’s Day plans?

Father’s Day is this Sunday. Have you thought about what you will do/get for the dads in your life? Did you remember to add it to your budget at the beginning of the month? If not, here are a few frugal Father’s Day ideas.

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Father's Day on a Dime
Love Note
  1. Homemade cards/artwork – Why not have the kids do this for their dad. Most kids love making artwork or sweet notes for their parents. Pull out the art supplies you have on hand and let them go to town. Help younger kids with any wording, but give them free rein. Most dads will love the sweet thought.
  2. Cook him his favorite meal – You can invite your dad over for a frugal Father’s Day lunch or dinner and prepare something you know he loves. If the dad in your life likes to sleep in on the weekend get the kids up and have them help make him a special breakfast. Keep it simple and you won’t have to add much if anything to your usual grocery bill. Check out our meal planning and recipe pages for some frugal inspiration.
  3. Give him the gift of an experience – if he typically buys what he wants to try to carve out some time to do an activity he loves. You can sit on the couch and catch up on a favorite show, play a round of mini-golf, or take off fishing for an afternoon if he’s been longing to cast a line.
    frugal father's day
    Kids in the Kitchen

There are lots of ways to make dad feel special, loved, and appreciated without spending a lot of money. It’s okay to spend more money as long as it is in the budget! You don’t have to go the really frugal route; if you are in a financial position to love on your dad well in the gifting department that is wonderful!

What is your favorite frugal way to celebrate your dad? Drop a comment and let’s keep the conversation going!