To me, minimalism means less is more:

Less stress

I am no longer stressed out by my stuff. This hasn’t always been true. I’ve spent a good part of my adult life stressed out by stuff. Read my previous post, Beginnings of a More Minimalist Approach for more on that. This includes stressing about what I didn’t have; when I learned to let go of the excess I did have I also learned to let go of the things I thought I had to have.

Today minimalism means I no longer worry and stress about how or when I can buy what I want. I just no longer want most of it. This is a very freeing feeling. When it comes to most wants I can either take it or leave it. It no longer factors into my happiness. A major win here!

Less is more… time

Once I had fewer things to maintain, it meant dusting and cleaning, in general, took up a lot less of my time. Most of what is out is in use. Now that the kids have fewer toys they play with just about EVERYTHING they have! What they don’t play with or age out of promptly goes to the donate box or bag and out of the house.

I can see what I have/find what I need when I open a drawer or cabinet. If I don’t see it I probably don’t have it. The fact that I don’t have it probably doesn’t bother me now. In the past, it oftentimes would.

Less is more of what matters

Now we live in a 1320 square foot house. It is smaller than average maybe, but certainly not tiny and it feels just right for us. I still have a few things to pare down; this is not a one and done approach where you go through one purge and everything is perfectly minimal from there on out. Life changes, kids grow, and priorities get reevaluated. I am able to focus on the people in my house instead of the things. That’s just as it should be.

less is more


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