mental and emotional clutter


Let’s Talk About Mental and Emotional Clutter

Mental and emotional clutter; the type of clutter that doesn’t take up any tangible space. It can be a nuisance. It can also be paralyzing. I know. I’ve experienced both ends of the gamut.

Guilt and regret are two of the most common times of emotional clutter. Feelings from the past can limit your future if you let them. If you experience these feelings it can contribute to physical clutter; holding onto items out of guilt because of who they were from is not healthy.

Chances are if your home is cluttered your thoughts are too; your environment contributes to your emotional state. If your house is cluttered and disorganized it may stress you out and give you feelings of anxiety about going home. I’ve been there. I used to feel so claustrophobic at home and at my parents’ house. I couldn’t change the situation I was in, but I could change my surroundings to bring more calm instead of chaos.

Consult an Expert to Deal with Mental and Emotional Clutter

According to Peter Walsh in Enough Already, “While the clutter you see around you might seem bad, even overwhelming and paralyzing, the physical clutter that fills our homes is nothing to the invisible clutter that fills our heads.” You have to deal with the emotional issues behind the clutter or you will simply accumulate more clutter again and again. I definitely play to read this book in-depth!

There are lots of methods to deal with mental and emotional clutter; you can meditate, diffuse a soothing oil or burn your favorite candle if you prefer (just make sure it’s non-toxic!), talk it out with friends, or see a counselor. There is no shame in the counseling game! I’ve done it before and I will do it again when and if needed.

Take the time to take care of yourself when you declutter and organize your home! Make room in the budget for things that help you feel relaxed and organized; that may look like money for a copay or always having some lavender on hand. Just be sure you deal with the root of your problems or you’ll never truly be free from clutter.

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