Greeting Cards at Dollar Tree! One Year of Heartline & Expressions

Did you know you can buy Hallmark greeting cards at Dollar Tree?! September 22nd actually marks one year of Heartline a Hallmark Company and Expressions by Hallmark being available in all 6,800 Dollar Tree stores nationwide! That’s a lot of savings to celebrate!

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Who doesn’t like the sound of a Hallmark quality card for $1? How about 2 for $1?! Expressions by Hallmark cards are 2 for $1! I love greeting cards but hate spending almost $4 a card for something decent at the grocery store.

I’ve actually been buying these cards at Dollar Tree for wedding showers, birthday parties for several months and I’ve never been disappointed. Just look at the quality of these cards; these do not look like cards you paid $1 on. And the Heartline cards are 2 for $1!

These are an awesome frugal find! And you know I appreciate those. When I budget for a birthday gift I don’t want to spend $5 of that money on a card!

Those aren’t the only Hallmark quality cards you’ll find at Dollar Tree either! Also available at select stores are the Mahogany line celebrating black culture, the Vida line, which expresses the voices of Latinos of all generations, Tree of Life which celebrates Jewish holidays and traditions, and joyfully yours from Dayspring!

There are hundreds of cards to choose from for everyone and every occasion. You can find out more about their collections here.

So what are you waiting for?! Stop spending more money on greeting cards and get them at budget will thank me; no need to apologize to your wallet for overspending!

greeting cards at dollar tree

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2 thoughts on “Greeting Cards at Dollar Tree! One Year of Heartline & Expressions

  1. Nancy says:

    I love that there are some cool greeting cards at Dollar Tree! I didn’t know to look here, especially with how expensive cards can get. I have spent $6 for a card before and I know that’s kind of over the top. I love the different prints that they have! Super cute!

    Nancy ♥

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