It’s Blogtober! A Life on a Dime is in on the #blogtober challenge

it's blogtober

October is here and I couldn’t be more excited! Eventually, Arkansas will get the memo and it will cool off and be less humid, but until that happens at least I have Blogtober! What is Blogtober? It is a blogging event in the month of October where participating bloggers blog every day the entire month! Yes, every day! A Life on a Dime is participating in this fun challenge and I’m so excited!

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What’s in Store for Blogtober

I have so many Blogtober posts planned ranging from frugal fall fashion, my top Amazon finds, some Dollar Tree DIYs, essential oil tips and tricks, more frugal ways to save money, Halloween costume ideas that won’t break the bank… and a few new recipes! Be on the lookout for Meal Plan Mondays where I share my meal plan for the week with you! Spoiler alert – there *may* be free printables with shopping lists available as well! In the meantime, here is a blank one to use for this week.

As usual, you can expect budgeting advice, insights on minimalism, organization hacks, and I look forward to introducing a new post series on Frugal Friends. These posts will feature real people who have been able to accomplish big things with their budgets.

If you have anything you want to see posted on for Blogtober let me know and be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a post! I am looking forward to posting new content for you every day! And not just any content – useful, fun, frugal content. It’s Blogtober and it’s going to be fun!

As always, you can find a Life on a Dime on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in between posts as well! See you tomorrow with another blogtober post!

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    • alifeonadime_lylxai says:

      Yeah! I’m glad you found a Life on a Dime! I hope you find the information found here useful! Thank you for visiting and do come back!

  1. Lori Roach says:

    I’ll be following along – I too, am doing Blogtober (for the first time). It’s an exciting challenge! Best of luck – it sounds like you have it well organized and ready to go!

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