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Focus on Your Content and Use Grammarly to Proofread Your Work

If you’re really into blogging or knee-deep into midterm papers but aren’t sure where to put all your commas I highly encourage you to use Grammarly. It’ll even check your spelling! I have it and it makes blogging so much easier. I just type and it suggests corrections as I work. Instant proofreading happens while I work! This saves me so much time!

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It’s Good for All Your Proofreading Needs

Grammarly can check your resume for errors. Do not send out a resume and cover letter without properly proofreading it first! It will do that for you as you type. It can even check your emails so you don’t have any embarrassing mistakes! No one wants to look unprofessional, so be sure you have it proofread your email prior to hitting send. I recommend using it because it is the best grammar checker on the market.

Best Plagiarism Checker & Proofreader

It can even check work for plagiarism! This is a huge plus for bloggers, especially if you invite guest bloggers to post on your site. No one wants to be accused of copying someone else’s work. Just open the document in the Grammarly Editor and check Plagiarism; your work will be checked” against an index of publicly accessible websites and major proprietary databases.” It will also make sure you spelled plagiarism correctly!

This post was proofread by Grammarly

When I started my blog I didn’t have to search to find the best spelling and grammar checker; I already had it! It was already handy for everyday use and has helped me tremendously since I started this blog. I can focus on creating new content and let Grammarly take care of the majority of proofreading; I just reread to make sure my post is clear and concise and my message comes through. I highly recommend this tool for anyone who types on a regular basis, and definitely think it is a must-have for all bloggers.

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  1. Unwanted Life says:

    I’m actually looking for a replacement for grammarly, as it doesn’t work with classic paragraphs on WordPress. Complained to them about it several times, they just keep telling me they’re looking into fixing it. But it’s been 5 months now, so I’m guessing they’re not going to bother fixing the issue now

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