what's for dinner?

Do You Know What’s for Dinner This Week?

I know what my family is having for dinner this week! Does it feel like you are flying by the seat of your pants when this whole dinner thing comes around? Does it catch you by surprise that it happens every night? It used to be a struggle for me to figure out what was for dinner after work.

Thankfully I have a husband who likes to cook and got off before me when I worked full-time. Now that I’m home full-time I like to keep a plan so I know what’s for dinner every day. It is so much easier having a meal plan. Not only do I save time in the kitchen we save money on groceries. We literally spend about $150 a month less on groceries than we did prior to meal planning! It works!

Just in case you’re running low on ideas, recipes, or time to meal plan I have you covered! It’s Meal Plan Monday and I’ve got a week’s worth of dinner ideas ready to print!

Here’s What’s on the Menu:

Monday – We’re keeping it simple this week with tomato soup and hot sandwiches. I love a good soup and sandwich combo. I need to get back in the habit of baking bread regularly and this is a tasty way to enjoy fresh- baked bread! I’ll be breaking out the old sandwich maker for tonight’s dinner. I will loosely follow this recipe for tomato soup, but largely wing it like usual.

Tuesday – It’s Taco Tuesday! I considered making taco soup, but since it’s not forecast to be that cold this week I think we’ll stick with our traditional tacos with lime oil. My six-year-old will be relieved; while she liked taco casserole for the most part last week she was not a fan of the corn and tomatoes. She also felt like we didn’t quite have taco night. Fair enough kid. I’ll give you a break. Next week though…

Wednesday – We still have some beef in the freezer that needs to be eaten, so I will be slow cooking beef and potatoes. I plan to keep this meal pretty simple.

Thursday – We’re having spaghetti night. It’s been a bit since we had spaghetti night on a regular basis and everybody eats it, so it’s back in rotation for a while! I will make homemade turkey meatballs. Hopefully, I’ll have my tweaked recipe up in time.

Friday – TGIF! Its pizza night! This has become a staple at our house.

Saturday – This is a planned leftover night. If we don’t have enough leftovers we will have breakfast for dinner. Can’t go wrong with a good brinner!

Sunday – I’m making chicken and dumplings. We had chicken noodle soup last week and we started talking about dumplings. I’m still thinking about dumplings, so it made the menu this week!

what's for dinner?

Click below to print this week’s menu with space for the shopping list.

Or, if you prefer, here is the blank meal plan.


  1. Winning40.com says:

    Taco Tuesday and brinner any night of the week is my favorite!! I’m a huge advocate for weekly meal plans. Honestly if I didn’t have it planned out, by dinner time I’d be hungry, caving and ordering pizza… every night.

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