last-minute Halloween costumes

Halloween is officially less than a week away! Are you ready? Have you figured out you and/or your kids’ costumes? If not, no worries! Here are a few last-minute Halloween costumes straight from Amazon. These can be to your door with free two-day shipping with your Prime membership. Don’t have a Prime membership? Click to sign up for a free 30-day trial. And yes, they’re pretty frugal too. Your budget will still be alright!

Most if not all of the costumes mentioned in my previous post, 7 Costumes Put Together for Halloween on a Dime should still arrive in time for trick-or-treating.

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Lion King

This lion ears and tail set just needs a brown shirt, leggings (or even jeans if it’s cold out), and then paint on a nose and whiskers. Easy costume for $11.89.

last-minute Halloween costumes

Cute Little Pumpkin

Make your Punkin a pumpkin with this easy costume! You could technically make this from felt yourself, but I’m not sure you’d beat the $11.95 price.


Really, you could use any striped overalls and get more wear out of it, but how cute is this little conductor?! At $13.35 you have an instant costume.

These Awesome Butterfly Wings

For $15.88 these are really pretty! Pair with solid black or coordinating colors and make a statement!

Raid the Dress-up Collection for Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Chances are your kids already have lots of dress-up stuff. Pull any random outfit out of there and send them out trick or treating! No one will know it isn’t new and your kid will be having too much fun to care they don’t have a new costume. My daughter did this last year and wore one dress-up outfit to the carnival and another to school on Halloween.

last-minute Halloween costumes

If nothing else you can always cut holes in a sheet for a ghost! A big bow, high ponytail, and jean jacket can also make your tween JoJo Siwa for Halloween. Roll the sleeves up on a denim shirt and wrap a bandana around your head to go as Rosie the Riveter! There are lots of iconic yet so simple costume ideas you can put together with things just lying around the house. Get creative!

Halloween is Almost Here!

What do you plan to be for Halloween next week? I myself just ordered my daughter’s Wonder Woman accessories this morning! Thank goodness for two-day shipping! I had it in the cart, but mistakenly thought I’d ordered it yesterday. Whoops.

Haven’t bought candy yet? No worries there either! Just pop over to Dollar Tree and load up on everything you need! While you’re at it pick up any face paint or last-minute decorations as well! It’s all a dollar! You can also check out my favorite Dollar Tree Halloween finds (including costume accessories) in my previous post, Happy Haunting for $1: Halloween Finds at Dollar Tree! I’ll be back tomorrow! Happy Friday everybody!

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