My husband was nice enough to whip up a quick and free solution to lack of counter space in our laundry room with this free DIY. He built it a couple of months ago and I just got around to stencil painting it this week. This was an almost free and frugal DIY with a total cost of about $4. Yes, you read that right.

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Original Plans for This Frugal and Almost Free DIY

We are big fans of Ana White. Her website is full of free (yes, free!) woodworking plans. My husband has modified her plans to make our farmhouse dining table and chairs, our daughter’s storage bed, her armoire, my console table, and my laundry cart just to name a few items. When he went looking for a solution to our lack of counter space in the laundry room he browsed plans on her site. He found this outdoor serving station plan to use for our frugal and almost free DIY.

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It also doubles as wall art and the sole decoration in the room so it is positioned on the wall as high as possible while still serving its purpose. The materials he used in the build were all on-hand so the actual build was free. I like free; free is very frugal!

frugal and almost free DIY
The actual cost to build the laundry station was $0

Finishing Up the Project

Finishing this project required a trip to Hobby Lobby, my first trip of the year was in September! This is very hard to believe if you knew me a couple of years ago; I was in there on a weekly basis scouring sales to find all sorts of home decor to display on surfaces and hang on the walls. I found what I wanted online, but it wasn’t a big enough item to warrant the shipping cost. So to the store I went with our two-year-old in tow and we walked out with the one item we came for! I also downloaded the 40% off coupon on my phone, so the stencil cost about $3 with tax.

I wasn’t sure if I had the right shade of white paint at home for the project so I waited to make that purchase. And waited. I played with the stencil placement for a bit and left it stuck on for a few days before making another trip to a store that carried craft paint. It was 50 cents at Walmart. I went with antique white. Below is the finished product in action.

Have you had any almost free DIYs you’d like to share? We love a good DIY around here. In fact, I have a few more little projects in the works I can’t wait to share here on the blog and on the YouTube channel!

DIY laundry folding station

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  1. Unwanted Life says:

    Such a cool thing to do. I’ve been wanting to do more stuff with my hands, but I don’t have the space where I currently live. Should I move to a bigger place, then hopefully I’ll be able to make something like this

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