non-toxic dishwasher detergent tablets

Problem: I Want Non-Toxic Dishwasher Detergent Tablets That Are Affordable

This post is a companion piece to Episode 106: DIY Dishwasher Tablets on the YouTube channel. As promised in the video, I am breaking down the process of making my own non-toxic dishwasher detergent tablets as seen in the video and provide links to the products used.

If you’re like me, you want products in your home to be as non-toxic as possible. If you’re also like me you’re not willing or able to pay an arm and a leg for said non-toxic items. I am on a budget after all. I love using plant-based, non-toxic, and essential oil-infused products wherever possible.

Sometimes to make that fit in the budget I have to DIY my own solutions. One such solution I found myself needing was a good dishwasher tablet. That’s okay since I happen to love a good DIY. I prefer tablets to powder and finding what I wanted in my price range proved difficult. Here is my DIY recipe for non-toxic dishwasher detergent tablets.

Solution: I DIYed My Own Essential Oil-Infused Dishwasher Detergent Tablets!

DIYing is often a great solution for getting what you want in your budget. We DIY everything from storage solutions to home decor to antibacterial hand soaps and shower gel around our house. So making my own non-toxic dishwasher detergent tablets wasn’t much of a stretch for me.

The bonus is I decided to build my recipe around cleaning products I already employed to begin with or had other uses for around the house. No one-off products in this recipe for me. I wanted more bang for my buck. I already make my own non-toxic laundry detergent and decided to add washing powder to boost the cleaning power of an already satisfactory product. It was in all the recipes online the first go around, but I didn’t have it on hand. I also didn’t have any Thieves® detergent left and a lot of laundry piling up. I made do with what I had! It turned out well and I used the whole bottle up. I recently whipped up a second batch with the washing powder and have been very happy with the results. You can read the updated post on that here.

I already use Castile soap for hand soaps and body wash, so I had some of that on hand as well. It is very gentle on the skin and all-natural. I just add Thieves® oil and a little water (for easier pumping) to my hand soap pumps in the bathrooms for non-toxic and alcohol-free antibacterial hand soap.

I also had Thieves® Household Cleaner on hand and use it to clean, well… everything. That bottle of concentrated cleaner is just so effective AND economical! Using the Household Cleaner instead of several drops of the oils seemed like a more cost-effective approach to me. You can skip the Household Cleaner and add several drops of lemon and or Thieves® essential oil if you so choose. So, this recipe only involved buying two items I did not use or plan to use previously; citric acid and a silicone ice cube tray.

To Make Your Own Non-Toxic Dishwasher Detergent Tablets:

non-toxic dishwasher detergent tablets

Ingredients (Fills 2 Trays)

Silicone Ice Cube Trays

2 Cups Washing Soda

1/2 Cup Citric Acid (I used Lemi Shine)

1/2 Cup White Distilled Vinegar

1 Tsp Unscented Castile Soap

1 Capful Thieves® Household Cleaner


  1. Mix dry ingredients and Thieves® Household Cleaner well
  2. Slowly mix in vinegar (it will be frothy)
  3. Scoop mixture into ice cube trays. Pack tightly. The mixture should remain moist throughout packing. Add more vinegar if needed.
  4. Let set for 24 hours then carefully remove the individual cubes from the trays.

Store them in a glass container and then use one per load in the dishwasher as you would a typical detergent.

Tips from My Experience Making My Own Non-Toxic Dishwasher Detergent Tablets

It is very important to mix the solution well and pack it into the ice cube trays while it is still moist. It will need the full 24 hours, so don’t get excited and check it too early. When you do remove the tablets from the tray I recommending pushing up from the bottom until the majority of the tablet is free of the tray. You cannot squeeze them much or they will crumble.

The good news is even if they do crumble some the soap is still good to use! You definitely need silicone; I do not believe I could’ve gotten any tablets out in one piece had I used a traditional plastic ice cube tray.

Overall, I am very happy with these ingredients in the dishwasher and using tablets that are premeasured and easier to load will make things run smoother. I definitely plan to buy another silicone ice cube tray in the future in order to make a full batch each time.

Please check out the video and give it a like/subscribe if you haven’t already! I’ll be back on the blog tomorrow with a regularly scheduled post. See you then frugal friends! And let me know in the comments here or on the video if you try these! I’d love to hear how yours turn out! Happy DIYs!


frugal diy laundry detergent

The Dilemma…

So what’s a frugal gal to do when the laundry piles up and the last drop of her beloved essential oil-infused laundry detergent is gone and it’s still another week till her Essential Rewards order ships? I could quick order more, but since I picked YL Go instead of YL Go+ (I was cheap, not frugal- remember frugal isn’t cheap) I have to pay for shipping on quick orders. I’d rather Remember, just because something is in the budget doesn’t mean it’s in the bank account yet! I smell a DIY! For this frugal DIY laundry detergent I googled some and then did my own thing with what was on hand.

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Time for a Frugal DIY Laundry Detergent

I chose my trusted Dr. Bronner’s unscented Castile soap, Thieves Household Cleaner, and lemon essential oil. I don’t have baking soda and from my (limited) research using in a front load washer is a bit of a science.

I don’t have washing soda either, but I read you can pour straight castile soap in the wash, so I know I’ve improved upon it by adding Thieves Household Cleaner and lemon oil. Tea tree oil was also recommended, but I’m running low after other oily DIYs, so I’ll stick with lemon. It smells clean, will complement the Citrus Fresh laundry scent booster, and has excellent cleaning properties of its own.

The Process

frugal DIY laundry detergent
  1. I opted to use the empty Thieves detergent jug; if it’s good enough for Young Living to hold essential oil-infused products, then it’s good enough for me. I heated a small pot of water on the stove and removed from heat before it came to a boil.
  2. Then I added one capful of Thieves Household Cleaner and 10-15 drops of Lemon essential oil. I’m terrible about counting oil drops accurately!
  3. I used a funnel to pour the water mixture into the empty detergent jug then poured approximately 1/2 a cup of Castile soap in. All I did after that was to close the lid and gently swish it around inside the jug.

That is all it took to make my frugal DIY laundry detergent! Three steps and four ingredients later I was ready to wash some clothes. The best part is I was out no additional money to make it because I used only what I had on hand!

The Verdict on this Frugal DIY Laundry Detergent

I loved making my own! I can customize it by using different oils to change the scent and make it more or less concentrated as needed. That and I can’t get over how much money I can save by making my own! I’m only a few loads in and it works well so far. If If I have any issues with DIY detergent and my HE washing machine I will go back to buying Thieves detergent, but this month. I’ll keep you posted after several more loads.

I think I’ll focus my efforts on stocking up my medicine cabinet and finding more new oily products to fall in love with! Honestly, I haven’t met an oil I don’t like yet! I already have my next frugal and oily DIY picked out, so stay tuned for that! The details haven’t quite come together on it yet, but I’m excited!

**UPDATE** I am running the last load from the original batch now and have been very pleased with the results! Today I am adding about half a cup of super washing soda laundry booster to my latest batch. It was recommended in most recipes and I bought it for another DIY (more info on that coming soon)!

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the well-stocked medicine cabinet

Cooler weather is just around the corner and flu season has already arrived. Is your medicine cabinet ready? Ours is… getting there. Our medicine cabinet is actually in a bit of a transition. While we still have some traditional medicines I am adding in more natural remedies and supplements. Here are what I believe to be the essentials for my family’s well-stocked medicine cabinet.

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Traditional Medicines and Supplies

We still have traditional over-the-counter pain relievers and fever reducers for ourselves and the kiddos. I use them less often than in the past for myself and the children, but they are there when needed. There is also the typical stock of band-aids and thermometers. I don’t mess around with cheap bandages; rashes due to cheap adhesive are no fun. And like I said before, frugal isn’t cheap. Blogtober day 11 is here and we’re talking about my goals for well-stocked medicine cabinet.

Vitamins and Supplements

My husband is big on supplements; he takes a multi-vitamin, Aleve, glucosamine, Vitamin C (recently upgraded to Super C courtesy of Essential Rewards), and an OTC allergy medicine. The kids take multi-vitamin gummies, and recently I added these DHA gummies, which I need to replenish. I take these hair, skin, and nail gummies and Essentialzymes-4, which is wonderful, but I am terrible at remembering to take vitamins and supplements.

All-Natural Remedies for the Well-Stocked Medicine Cabinet

Since last winter I am a big believer in black elderberry, and try to keep it on hand as it never seems to be in stock at the local Neighborhood Market when we need it most! Any time I feel like coldlike symptoms appear I start popping those dissolvable tablets!

My husband has been taking apple cider vinegar daily for about a year now and swears by it. I have tried it a few times but just can’t seem to get over the taste and smell. Seriously considering the new gummies for myself. No sick days for this mama!

Oils for a Well-Stocked Medicine Cabinet

I love Thieves® for immune support and the smell! We have a roller in the oily shelf and keep a roller on the kitchen counter diluted with almond oil for the kids. I try to make it a habit to roll some down their spine on a daily basis.

There is also a roller of diluted lavender I use on boo-boos and behind their little ears at night. If you’ve read the blog or my Instagram for long you know that my son cut his hand this summer requiring surgery. He is healing well and I massage the lavender into his scar to help it stretch and continue to heal well.

I keep TummyGize™ (and am stocked up, again thanks to Essential Rewards) on hand for when the little ones have upset tummies. I use it on myself as well! This stuff works! We also give them MightyPro drink mix a few nights a week to help things in that department as well.

I also have R.C.™ and Ravintsara on-hand on the oily shelf. There are way too many oils on my wish list to mention them all, but I have a good, basic supply this frugal oiler feels confident using to support my family’s health with our modest budget and plan to add more every month.

I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t mention that new oilers who buy a Premium Starter kit in the month of October get free shipping when you sign up for Essential Rewards! Keep some money in your pocket and get a great start on oiling with all the set has to offer. Now is a great time to get all that oily goodness for a well-stocked medicine cabinet!

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Stock Up Now and Try to Stay Healthy

Whatever you deem essential for your well-stocked medicine cabinet, don’t wait till somebody gets sick to make sure it’s on hand! Get your medicine cabinet ready now and have one less worry when you or a loved one gets sick. Better yet, do what you can and utilize what’s in your well-stocked medicine cabinet to prevent everything you possibly can.

Make sure your meal plan includes plenty of healthy, warming options this fall and winter and keep the kiddos bundled tight when they head off to school. I have gotten my flu shot every year since having kids and plan to get mine today! My daughter has a wellness visit coming up and I will get make sure both kids get their shots then. I’m neither a silky mama or a crunchy mama; I trust my gut and do what I believe is best for my family. I encourage you to do the same. Now go get your medicine stocked and keep your family frugal and healthy friends!


frugal oily supplies

Frugal Oily Supplies Every Oiler Needs

Maybe you just got your hands on your new Premium Starter Kit or you are just looking into getting oily. Maybe you’ve been oiling for years but don’t want to budget so much money supplies. You could be like me and just love DIY projects with your favorite oils. Regardless of how long you’ve been oiling, I’ve got you covered! Here is my roundup of all the frugal oily supplies you need from Amazon to get started on your oily adventures or keep going on a smaller budget!

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Carrier Oils

Oils need to be diluted prior to applying to the skin. To do that you need carrier oils. These include almond oil (my go-to), jojoba oil, coconut oil, avocado oil… lots of options for your frugal and oily DIYs!

Frugal Oily Supplies: Roller Fitments and Bottles

Roller bottles are awesome! I keep a roller bottle of diluted Thieves and one of lavender (my fave oil!) on the kitchen counter below the medicine cabinet. We try to avoid bringing glass into the house for safety reasons so I love the look of these bamboo covered bottles!

Turn empty essential bottles into perfume bottles or setting mists with these handy spray tops. Eyedropper fitments are great if you need just a drop of oil, especially with skincare regimens. Just be sure to order the right size; 5 and 15 mL bottles require different droppers.


It’s nice to have more than one diffuser in the house. Young Living diffusers are great quality, but sometimes it’s just not in the budget. This two-pack is popular with oilers Instagram and I can see why! Unlike other inexpensive options, these have two settings; continuous misting for three hours or intermittent misting for up to six hours.

Search for diffusers by room size and you’ll find there are lots of options. I will note that while I only own one YL diffuser (well my kid owns Feather the Owl) I only diffuse Young Living oils. Most oils smell good, but only pure aromatherapy grade oils come with all the therapeutic benefits you’re after. There is nothing frugal about buying cheap, impure oil.

I go more into detail on why Young Living on my dedicated oils page. Know your oils. They are not all created equally. No matter what you choose, do your due diligence and make sure to choose wisely.

Diffuser Jewelry

This stuff is pretty cool! Whether you wear a diffuser necklace or bracelet with diffuser pads or make your own bracelet with beads that absorb the oils, the possibilities are endless! You can find lots of jewelry options, as well as replacement diffuser pads (which reminds me, I lost mine in the last move) on Amazon!

Miscellaneous Oily Supplies

You’ll see a lot of stainless steel mentioned; it’s best not to use plastic as plastic absorbs the smell and doesn’t hold up well to pure essential oils.

These stainless steel spray bottles have been on my wish list for a while; they would be perfect for DIY cleaning sprays. Another must-have for making your own DIY cleaning solutions is unscented castile soap. I make my own hand soaps and use it with Thieves household cleaner to make my own dish soap.

Make DIY projects easier by using a stainless steel funnel to pour the oil needed without spills. Opening bottles and taking fitments out is much easier with these stainless steel bottle openers.

If you choose to ingest vitality oils in fillable vegetable capsules you can get those as well as capsule holders to make them easier to fill. Some find capsules easier to ingest than the oil directly.

I keep it very basic, but I am on a smaller budget. I prefer to spend more money on oils than supplies. It is very possible to be frugal and oily. It just takes a little more planning and patience, but it is oh so worth it. This nowhere near a comprehensive list of what is available, just a rundown of basic supplies that make oily life a little easier.

Interested in Getting Started?

I definitely recommend getting started with a Premium Starter Kit; I was cheap and not frugal and really wanted my Thieves household cleaner so I bought a basic starter kit instead. Frugal isn’t cheap my friends! It has taken me much longer to build up a supply of the basic oils and definitely more money! The premium starter kit has 12, yes 12 oils!

Included in the PSK are:

  • choice of two diffusers – Desert Mist or Dewdrop (at this price point – you can go higher and get a fancier humidifier)
  • Lavender 5 mL (my favorite – you may remember #irunonlavender)
  • Peppermint Vitality 5 mL – smells yummy, and tastes great in brownies
  • Lemon Vitality 5 mL – great for teas and cleaning applications!
  • Valor 5 mL – liquid courage anyone?
  • Peace & Calming 5 mL – exactly what you’d think
  • Frankincense 5 mL – grounding for meditation, great skin support
  • Thieves Vitality 5 mL – great in hot tea for immune support
  • Citrus Fresh 5 mL – featured in a previous frugal and oily DIY
  • Raven 5 mL – great to have in the medicine cabinet this time of year
  • DiGize Vitality 5 mL – digestive support
  • PanAway 5 mL – use after a workout
  • Stress Away 5 mL – I love diffusing this one!
  • 2 Roller Fitments – roll on some oily goodness
  • Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier, 1 oz – great to have in cold/flu season!
  • Thieves Spray, 1 oz – great for shopping cart handles
  • 2 NingXia Red 2 oz samples – to support overall wellness
  • “Essential Oils at a Glance” brochure
  • Product Guide
  • Essential Oil Display Tray
  • Young Living Lifestyle Booklet
  • Essential Oils Magazine
  • Essential Edge News

In short, you get over $400 worth of product for $165. Pretty frugal in my opinion. This is definitely worth saving for; if I had just waited another month or two to sign up I could’ve gotten all this goodness AND taken advantage of the PV, which I did not get with the basic starter kit. I have a good little stock now, but I still do not have quite a few of the oils on this list.

If you are interested in getting oily and can’t swing the starter kit price right away I highly recommend doing a mini sinking fund and setting the money aside a few months in a row. It is definitely worth the price you pay.

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hair mask

Give Your Scalp and Hair Some Love!

Fall is finally here and the weather is slowly but surely changing. Cue the pumpkin spice lattes, comfy sweaters, and dry skin. Dry skin hit me a little faster this year so I decided the weekend was the perfect time to try out a DIY hair mask. I googled my little heart out and then came up with my own simple DIY recipe with items I had on hand.

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How I Made my Hair Mask

I grabbed a jar of organic coconut oil (I buy mine at Aldi), took a big spoon, and plopped some in a microwave and oil-safe bowl. I heated it for about 30 seconds to get it to liquid form. Fractionated coconut oil would remove this step. I then added several drops of Tea Tree essential oil.

I use Young Living oils. You can see more about why I love YL and choose them over other brands on my More on Oils page.

It is important to note that if you are new to essential oils or have never tried a particular oil do not apply it to your skin without diluting it first.

I chose tea tree oil for my hair mask both for its cleansing properties and the added shine it can give your hair. It also has a very refreshing scent. I added a few drops of tea tree oil in my vanilla copaiba shampoo right after purchasing and use it diluted in my kids’ shampoo as well. Last-minute I also decided to add in a couple of drops of lavender simply because it is my favorite oil and if you follow me on Instagram #irunonlavender.

Hair Mask Application

I applied the oil directly to my scalp and combed through my hair with my fingers. In the future, I would consider buying an applicator brush to make it easier to apply the hair mask. I also dye my hair so I would be sure to get regular use out of the brush.

After applying the mask roots to ends and massaging into my scalp (I even used it on my forehead and eyebrows to soothe my dry skin) I clipped my hair back for 15 to 20 minutes and went back to typing up my next Monday Meal Plan post.

After waiting I rinsed my hair in the shower, washed with vanilla copaiba shampoo and conditioner, then allowed my hair to air dry. It feels so soft and luxurious and my dry skin feels soothed. Then I poured the remaining hair mask oil in this glass jar for future use. I will definitely try this again!

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In the past, between my sensitive skin and our oldest child’s eczema, I thought we were stuck using unscented “free and clear” laundry detergents. The clothes were clean but didn’t really smell like it. In fact, they didn’t really smell like anything unless they had a strong, bad smell prior to laundering. Then it was just a faint, bad smell. It never occurred to me to use or make a laundry scent booster. The scent was bad, right?

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Then I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the Thieves Household Cleaner from Young Living last year. In March I took advantage of the monthly Essential Rewards promo and stocked up on the rest of the Thieves line- laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, and more household cleaner.

thieves laundry soap

I use Thieves toothpaste now as well. I love using Thieves laundry detergent so much more than the unscented free and clear alternatives. My clothes are clean and I understand all the ingredients. Plus, one bottle goes a long ways, even if it isn’t diluted.

But sometimes the laundry still needs a little something extra to take care of the smell. I have a husband who works outside all the time and two kids who play hard. Laundry can have a bit of a funk. I did some Googling last month and found several DIY laundry scent booster recipes and knew I just had to try one. The only problem was what container would I use to store it once it was mixed?

Laundry Scent Booster DIY

For a few weeks, I made small batches and left them in a stainless mug on the laundry room shelf. We try not to buy a lot of glass after our son’s accident this summer and stainless steel is a little more than I wanted to pay for this little project. Then I found this little bamboo saltbox on Amazon. I double-checked it was an acceptable vessel for a product mixed with an essential order, then added it to my cart.

How to make your own DIY Laundry Scent Booster:

Items Needed:

  1. Unscented, All Natural Epsom Salt (I got mine at Dollar Tree!)
  2. A sealable container (preferably glass, stainless, or bamboo like this one)
  3. An essential oil of your choice (think Citrus Fresh, Purification, lemon)
  4. Bowl and spoon for mixing


  1. Measure enough Epsom salt to fill your container. Pour into the bowl.

2. Add several drops of essential oil of your choice. I used Citrus Fresh.

3. Stir until oil is well blended into the salt.

laundry scent booster

4. Pour into saltbox. I use the second scooper from the Thieves dishwasher detergent to add my laundry scent booster to the wash.

laundry scent booster

It’s Frugal, Oily, and EASY!

The total cost on this little project is less than $10! That’s right! $10. I paid $6.99 for the saltbox and $1 for the epsom salt. As a bonus, this project was both frugal AND sustainable; when this runs out I still have plenty of salt left and I will reuse the saltbox. I repurposed a scoop and the Citrus Fresh was free in the August Essential Reward promo! Not on Essential Rewards? Check out the More on Oils page to see why I use Young Living and feel free to contact me if you have any questions! This one is a winner in my book!

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How to Get the Best Sleep Ever

If you’re like me you’ll do anything to get a good night’s sleep. I’ll be honest; I’m pretty good at some of these tips, but terrible at a few as well. Read on to for a few very simple tips to get a great night’s sleep now. This is a perfect time to discuss a good night’s sleep since kids around the country are going back to school this month! Mine starts tomorrow!

1 – Ease into an earlier bedtime

We could all probably stand to go to bed earlier, but don’t rush it. If you typically go to bed at 11 PM don’t expect to start hopping in bed at 8:30 and start getting lots of sleep. It’s probably not going to happen. Make a goal to go to bed up to half an hour earlier at a time until you find your ideal bedtime.

We started two weeks before school started getting our daughter accustomed to a regular bedtime. It’s a good thing we did because what we thought would work well turned out to be a little too late and we still had to tweak it some to avoid morning meltdowns. She is now accustomed to going to bed at 8 PM and getting up between 6:30 and 6:45 AM.

2 – Turn off Your electronic devices

I am one of the worst at this. I know you don’t fall asleep as fast if you’ve been staring at the TV screen, tablet, or cell phone before bed. It really should be off at least an hour or two prior to trying to get some shut-eye in order to ensure the best sleep ever we all know we need.

If you’re not willing to shut it off early in the evening at least turn on the blue light filter and reduce the strain on your eyes. I keep mine on my phone all the time with no problem but only use it on my Kindle Fire if I’m reading later at night. The screen turns an orangy tone and I find that distracting during the day. Do yourself a favor and put your screen down a little earlier. This goes for me as well. If reading helps you fall asleep it’s best done the old fashioned way – turning the pages!

3 – Get yourself some lavender for the best sleep ever

Lavender not only smells great but is great for sleep support. I diffuse lavender and cedarwood every night at bedtime and I fall asleep faster than I ever. I have also decided to make it a priority to budget for a diffuser or our problem sleeper’s room in order to help him get his best sleep ever at night and quit interrupting ours. If you don’t feel like a diffuser is your style but still want some natural sleep support a dab of lavender with a carrier oil behind the ears and/or misting your pillow can help you drift off as well. Click here to receive free samples of three of Young Living oils.

4 – Cut off caffeine after dinner

If not earlier. Everybody reacts differently, so the more affected you are by caffeine, the earlier you need to cut yourself off. Try to get all your hydration needs in well before bedtime so you’re not waking up because you gotta go in the middle of the night.

If you have to have something to drink after dinner stick with water or herbal tea. I love a good cup of hot tea a little before bed. There are also several herbal blends specifically designed to help you sleep.

5 –You’ll get your best night’s sleep in a dark room

White noise is really the only noise you need. A ceiling fan and the sound of the diffuser are more than enough for me, but our six-year-old also uses a small fan on top of her armoire for white noise.

Also, make sure it is dark enough so your brain knows it’s supposed to let you sleep. Our master bedroom is closest to the driveway where we have an LED light on the electric pole. You don’t have to worry about stubbing your toes on furniture in our room at night! We have thermal curtains but they aren’t enough so I am researching the cost of blackout shades like these. We have large windows, which is great for letting in natural light, but a little harder on the budget to buy blinds or shades!

6 – Get into a bedtime routine

One of the best things you can do that costs no money and requires little effort is to get into a predictable bedtime routine. This can help to signal your body that it’s time to go to sleep.

If you’re like me and you have kids you know your sleep is dependent on theirs, so use these six tricks on them as well, five of them at least. I know mine prefer their night lights, so making the room as dark as possible isn’t the best option for them yet.

How well do you sleep? What are your tried and true routines to help you nod off and get a great night’s sleep? I’d love to hear them!



Home. First of all it’s where you raise your family. It’s where you spend your time. It’s where you keep your (hopefully well organized) stuff. It should be a healthy place. Your health is an important resource. It’s hard to improve other aspects of your life if you don’t have your health. Home shouldn’t be a place for toxic anything. And, contrary to popular belief you can keep a non-toxic home on a smaller budget. Here’s how we do it.


Contrary to what you may think, living healthy and keeping a healthy and non-toxic home does not have to be really expensive. While I want to keep antibiotics and hormones and pesticides out of my food as much as possible, but still have to keep it within the constraints of my budget.

And so when we started building our house we were already making healthier choices for our family. I decided that in the new house we would not use harsh chemicals and household products with questionable ingredients. My approach was not to dump everything out and start fresh, but each time I ran out of a household item I would replace it with a better alternative. Small changes over time have cumulative benefits without the cost of a complete and sudden overhaul.

Thieves® clean

One of the ways you can save money keeping your home clean and healthy is to keep it simple buy buying in bulk and using multipurpose cleaning solutions. Thieves® by Young Living is a concentrated plant-based cleaner that can be diluted in water to different concentrations to clean literally almost everything in your house. I put one or two capfuls in a spray bottle to clean countertops and showers. For a more concentrated clean, I may mix in some baking soda and lemon oil. I am a Young Living Distributor and this is the product that made me fall in love with the company.


Unscented castile soap and choice of oil(s)

Likewise, you can also create your own cleaner from scratch. There are many different non-toxic cleaning recipes to be used at home using inexpensive ingredients. These include vinegar, baking soda, essential oils, and castile soap to name a few. I add a few drops of oil to unscented Castile for bathroom hand soaps. It smells lovely and is antibacterial with the right oil choice.

When you use essential oils in your cleaning solutions it is best to use a glass bottle. Take a used glass bottle from your kitchen of an item like apple cider vinegar or sparkling water, wash it, peel off the label (hint: lemon oil works well for this), and voila! Pair it with the sprayer from a dollar store bottle and you’re in business!

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.*

As a result of careful consideration and a little mixing of ingredients, you can save a lot of money and keep a lot of harmful toxins from your home.


Yes, it is…

Chances are if you’re not an oiler you are probably wondering how essential oils and the paraphernalia that go with it can possibly be frugal. I know I did. The truth is it can be. If you make it. Like any other hobby or passion it can quickly get expensive and beyond your budget. Thankfully that has not been my experience thus far.

Not Just for Hippies

While in the past I thought of oils as an expensive thing mostly for hippies I have since been proven wrong. Slowly but sure more “normal” people in my every day life and on social media revealed themselves to be “oilers.” Yes, even some of the more frugal people I know. You really can be frugal and oily!

It doesn’t have to be Expensive – how to be Frugal and Oily

Yes, you can make it expensive and buy the most expensive and rare oils on the market. If you can afford them great. If you can’t please don’t. I didn’t buy any oils until I was in baby step three and out of consumer debt. Now I consider myself to be both frugal and oily. I do not buy oils on my credit card either; monthly Essential Rewards orders are placed based on the budget set in place at the beginning of the month.

frugal and oily
a monthly ER order

Also, the minimum qualifying amount for a Young Living ER order is $50. If you switch from more toxic grocery store products for regular items like hand soap, dish soap, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, lotion… you can earn rewards points towards free product without drastically changing your spending habits.

frugal and oily

Mostly I like to use essential oils for household cleaning. It’s what got me started. When we moved into our new house I was determined to use non-toxic products as much as possible. I use Thieves® to clean my entire house. It not only smells great but is an excellent cleaner. I drop it in the water chamber of the steam mop for added cleaning power (and yummy scent), spot clean rugs with it, clean bathrooms… it is my go-to cleaner. In March I bought a large assortment of Thieves® products on my ER order and am still going strong on most of it. I plan to reorder what I have run out of; I feel I am getting value for my purchase.

Is it for you?

Do you use essential oils in your daily life? If so what are some of your tips to keep being both frugal and oily? I’d love to know! Drop a comment or join the conversation on my oily Instagram page.

While I can go on and on about how much I love oils you really don’t know if they’re for you or not until you try them. If you are not an oiler but are curious to try drop a comment or contact me by email and I can set you up with some free samples! I would love to chat more about all things oily!