Fun on a Dime

There are lots of inexpensive, even free ways to have fun on a dime with the family! Here are a few free or low-cost activities our family enjoys:

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Visit your local library

summer reading program make
learning fun on a dime – with prizes!

My oldest is reading now and she loves trips to the library. Our local libraries offer all sorts of fun activities and prizes for reading over the summer. Grand prizes for the summer reading program include a bicycle and a tablet. Check your local library for details

children’s area computer game

The library has a lot more than books to offer. The computers in the children’s area provide fun, age-appropriate interactive games, and puzzles in a variety of educational topics. Our local library has a 20-minute session limit to keep kids from being glued to the screen too long, which is an added bonus.

Check your library’s website or calender for upcoming activities. There are storytelling programs for every age group as well as musical guests and small theatrical productions available in libraries of all sizes.

Play at the park

Hardly a day goes by my daughter doesn’t ask if we can go to the park! Check out your local city and state parks. The closest park to us has a walking trail around the perimeter.

with any luck, a trip to the local park can turn into a spontaneous playdate with friends!

Northwest Arkansas also has bicycle trails that connect multiple counties. You can bicycle a good portion of the area. Grab your bike, water bottle, and helmet and hit the trails for fun and exercise.

Have a neighborhood block party/backyard movie night

Live in a neighborhood? Organize a block party! Pull out the lawn chairs, fix a dish, and head outside. Tell the kids to bring their bikes or outdoor games. Make an evening of it. Have a projector? Pull out an old white sheet and host a backyard movie night!

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