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The simple truth is we all need to know how to budget. Every day we budget our time and resources. We all get the same amount of time in a day, but some budget it more than others. While we don’t all start out with the same amount of money, it is a finite thing and we need to be able to account for it.

Before writing a budget you need to know why you are going to stick with it. You need something to keep you motivated. My kids are my why. I started budgeting with my husband after we bought our first house. When our first child arrived we had to really budget. I had diapers, daycare, supplemental formula, and clothes to pay for.

Then we had our second child; the second time around was not easy. I dealt with bed-rest, missed work, and preterm labor with the first, but she was fine. She came home after three and a half weeks in the hospital once she was ready to nurse or bottle feed on her own The second child, a boy, came a little earlier than the first, and needed a lot more medical intervention. So did I. I went back to work full time after three months.

why budget

It just wasn’t working anymore… that’s why we budgeted for change

As hard as I tried I never quite got back in the groove or found my niche. I was always torn, as most moms are between my children and providing additional income for the family. There was the additional aspect of time missed and made up every work for my son’s physical therapy.

Getting on a better budget and not having consumer debt allows me to go to those appointments without having to make up for lost time elsewhere. This is why I look at the budget as closely as I do and trim it everywhere possible. This is why my husband works a second job; we do it for our kids.

When you know why you budget it keeps you motivated, it keeps you focused when things get tough or that new item at Target catches your eye or a 20% off sale sign is in the window of that one little boutique you never walk out of empty-handed. After all, why set a budget if you won’t stick with it? If you aren’t focused you won’t get anywhere. Nothing will change, at least not for the better. Why budget? Your quality of life depends on it!

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