Recipes to help you save money, cook at home


I tweak all recipes I come across to my family’s taste and to make them as healthy as possible. You can save a lot of money if you cook at home. Here are some easy recipes to add to your weekly meal plan.

Browse this recipe page and see how much money you’re able to keep in the bank each month by preparing food at home! And you can also check out Episode 103 on the YouTube channel for valuable advice on how to get started meal planning.

Keep in mind new recipes go up almost weekly now so be sure to check back often. My goal is to have healthy and frugal meal ideas anyone can cook on this page. If you have any particular recipes you would like to see feel free to contact me and let me know! I’ll try to get them up for you as soon as I can tweak and test them out myself.

Easy Pizza DoughThis is such an easy pizza dough recipe and it never fails! Like the sauce, we use it every week.
Dairy-Free PancakesThese dairy-free pancakes are delicious, and quite honestly I should make them more often! The kids love to help mix them and prefer topping them with peanut butter. I'm an organic maple syrup girl myself.
Blueberry MuffinsThis is a healthier take on blueberry muffins with significantly less sugar. They are still delicious though! Try them once and you'll be hooked!
Amish Style White BreadThis amish-style white bread is a staple item in our house. I make it regularly for my husband's lunches. It is great for hot sandwiches as well!
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