Yes, it is…

Chances are if you’re not an oiler you are probably wondering how essential oils and the paraphernalia that go with it can possibly be frugal. I know I did. The truth is it can be. If you make it. Like any other hobby or passion it can quickly get expensive and beyond your budget. Thankfully that has not been my experience thus far.

Not Just for Hippies

While in the past I thought of oils as an expensive thing mostly for hippies I have since been proven wrong. Slowly but sure more “normal” people in my every day life and on social media revealed themselves to be “oilers.” Yes, even some of the more frugal people I know. You really can be frugal and oily!

It doesn’t have to be Expensive – how to be Frugal and Oily

Yes, you can make it expensive and buy the most expensive and rare oils on the market. If you can afford them great. If you can’t please don’t. I didn’t buy any oils until I was in baby step three and out of consumer debt. Now I consider myself to be both frugal and oily. I do not buy oils on my credit card either; monthly Essential Rewards orders are placed based on the budget set in place at the beginning of the month.

frugal and oily
a monthly ER order

Also, the minimum qualifying amount for a Young Living ER order is $50. If you switch from more toxic grocery store products for regular items like hand soap, dish soap, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, lotion… you can earn rewards points towards free product without drastically changing your spending habits.

frugal and oily

Mostly I like to use essential oils for household cleaning. It’s what got me started. When we moved into our new house I was determined to use non-toxic products as much as possible. I use Thieves® to clean my entire house. It not only smells great but is an excellent cleaner. I drop it in the water chamber of the steam mop for added cleaning power (and yummy scent), spot clean rugs with it, clean bathrooms… it is my go-to cleaner. In March I bought a large assortment of Thieves® products on my ER order and am still going strong on most of it. I plan to reorder what I have run out of; I feel I am getting value for my purchase.

Is it for you?

Do you use essential oils in your daily life? If so what are some of your tips to keep being both frugal and oily? I’d love to know! Drop a comment or join the conversation on my oily Instagram page.

While I can go on and on about how much I love oils you really don’t know if they’re for you or not until you try them. If you are not an oiler but are curious to try drop a comment or contact me by email and I can set you up with some free samples! I would love to chat more about all things oily!