check your credit

Please do not allow yourself to be scammed! You don’t have to pay to check your credit

Check your credit, just don’t think you have to pay for it. You can check it free annually at It is the only place authorized by Federal law to check your credit free.

check your credit
if you don’t see this you’re in the wrong place

Don’t be Scammed…

Please do not be misled by pop-ups of dire warnings and exclamation points saying visitors to a certain cite have been hacked. They will probably do exactly what they want you to believe has already happened.

If you get a notice or a pop-up or any sort of alert prompting you to check your credit STOP! I had this happen last week when I tried to log in to my bank website. Mobile banking was down so I was wondering if they really had an issue. I called them and asked. And you know what? I wasn’t the only one reporting seeing the pop-up. And it most certainly wasn’t from the bank.

Turn those pop-ups off when they show up. You should see a logo in the toolbar showing you what pop-up is working. Turn it off, delete the extension if there is one, and run a security scan on your computer to be safe. Someone is trying to scam you!

Be Safe Out There

By all means, I want you to check your credit. Just don’t think you have to pay to check your credit. There are sites that claim not to affect your score and are free out there but I don’t bite. Check your credit and your spouse and kids’ credit reports on a yearly basis using the Annual Credit Report site.

If you have it in the budget to pay for identity theft insurance that is completely different. You get value because you are paying for a service to protect you and do the leg-work during recovery process if your identity is stolen in addition to checking your credit. That is different.

I see no need to pay a site to show you what you can see free of charge. I have not used the service, but a quick search told me that Zander Insurance offers identity theft protection starting at just $6.75 a month. That sounds like a much better deal than paying $1 for a trial subscription on a site like Experian just to read your report. Save your money for other things.

What credit protection services do you use? Have you ever fallen prey to a credit-related scam or identity theft? I would love to hear from you. This is definitely an area most of us use a little more education!