Frugal at the Fair

The Washington County Fair was a few weeks ago! Tuesday night was family night; tickets were $2 each with the donation of a canned good. Our littlest is still free! Total cost for admission was $6. That’s a small price to pay for so much fun at the fair!

As always, the kids had a blast running around the fairgrounds, climbing in different off-road vehicles and tractors, and of course checking out all the animals. One of the goat farmers even brought a sweet little baby out for the kids to pet. We only missed the pigs because we had a hard time keeping the two-year-old off the ground!

We have a yearly tradition of getting a funnel cake to share. This year did not disappoint! If you live in Northwest Arkansas and plan to eat some goodies at the next fair I highly recommend Nacho Momma’s Tacos. Their food is reasonably priced and yummy!

We saved money by eating an early dinner (it was taco Tuesday after all!), filled up some water bottles to help with the heat, and put on our boots! Getting out of the house to do something with the kids doesn’t have to bust the budget!

Technically we could’ve been more frugal by not ordering snacks, but we splurge on fair food once a year. We even brought our own water bottles, so the total cost of this frugal fun outing was just under $20. I can live with that and so can our budget!

Don’t Miss out on the Fun at the Fair Next Time!

If you missed the fun this time, be sure you make it next year! There is good old fashioned frugal fun at the fair! Check the schedule for your local fairgrounds so you are sure to enjoy some frugal fun at the fair the next time it comes to your area!