This is not the post I was planning to write, but I just don’t feel inspired about organizing on a small budget this week. If you follow the blog you know that our family experienced an emergency a day after I posted about needing an emergency fund. I do not think that was a coincidence.

I’ve felt passionate about saving money for a while, but I was extremely inspired the last month or two about increasing our emergency fund. Looking back I think God was preparing us for what was ahead. His provision is so perfect that way.

Earlier on in our marriage we learned that unexpected, “extra” money was never really extra; it was money God knew we’d need and thankfully now we’ve had the wisdom to save the majority of unexpected funds rather than spend it all when it comes our way.

Early in the month my husband found out he was getting a quarterly bonus. We bought a set of towels on clearance, went out for burgers, and put the rest in savings. He also made a few extra dollars on his paychecks this month that I’d estimated in Every Dollar; after talking about the situation last Friday night I came to the realization that between money saved on his bonus, the increased paychecks, and money I’d already put in savings from babysitting earlier in the month was roughly equal to the payment I’d prepaid the surgeon that afternoon. Talk about God’s provision!

Yesterday morning we showed up dark and early to the hospital at 5 am with a tired toddler who was not interested in going back to sleep. When more than one hour passed with his patient pin listed as in surgery on the waiting room board we knew it had moved past exploratory and into repair.

I am so thankful we were convicted to go ahead with exploratory surgery rather than take a wait and see approach. The emergency room doctor told me to call a particular hand specialist if our little boy wasn’t vending his thumb after a few days. We heeded his advice and got our little guy in just over a week after his injury.

Thursday morning we went to an orthopedic clinic and orthopedic surgery was scheduled the following Monday. The doctor came out and basically said what we’d hoped we wouldn’t hear; to the best of my nontechnical and overwhelmed knowledge, two nerves were severed in his little thumb, one ligament in his palm had retracted, and one superficial artery in his palm had also been severed. It was bad but could’ve been so much worse.

Now we wait and pray and try to console an uncomfortable toddler braced and bandaged up to his armpit to immobilize his hand for optimal healing and restoration of his thumb. He may have limited use and he may have loss of feeling.

It is a terrible feeling as a parent to feel that our child may not be restored whole, especially at such a young age. But, the Good Lord spared blood loss to his other fingers when it was likely, he put the right doctors in our path, and he gave us the means to pay the bills coming in.

I can only trust that He will also restore my little boy’s hand. Whatever the outcome I know my son’s story will be used for His glory. I take comfort in that as I’ve felt somewhat helpless in comforting my little boy at times this week.

A little over two years ago this same little boy was taken via Angel Flight from Washington Regional Medical Center to Arkansas Childrens Hospital. As I sat in my wheelchair crying watching my 2 day old son prepared for flight one of the transporters spoke with us and said he would treat our son as if he were his own. A few days ago a surgeon I had never met looked me in the eye told me he has a little monkey of his own and he was going to take mine.

Please pray for our little boy and our whole family as we walk through these next weeks of uncertainty. I do not know how regular or “good” posting will be throughout this process. All I know is this is what is on my heart as I hold my sleeping boy this afternoon.

Whatever situation or uncertainty you may be facing I hope you know you can trust in Him too. Seek comfort in His arms and He will see you through.

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