my before 40 bucket list

I started a post (and made pins) on advice I’d give my younger self shortly after my birthday a few months ago. I am getting nowhere with it. Then I saw some posts on bucket lists and advice on keeping them, so I thought I’d just post a bucket list of goals I’d like to accomplish before I turn 40! I have a few months shy of 5 years, so why not?! Here is my do before 40 bucket list.

  1. Be a full-fledged work at home mom – with a regular income.
  2. Get back (and stay) in the habit of regular Bible study – I miss this! I need this!
  3. Take a trip of some sort with my husband sans kids for our 15th anniversary (just 2 years to go)! – We went to Eureka Springs for two nights for our 10th anniversary and that’s the first and only time we’ve gotten away without kids.
  4. Become a Certified Financial Coach – I want to take my love of budgeting to the next level. This seems like a logical step to accomplish the next goal.
  5. Help people get out of debt and take on clients who want to change their family tree! Yes, I can do this without a certification, but I want the added credibility.
  6. Make one new, good friend a year.
  7. Nurture the friendships I already have more.
  8. Take a girl’s trip to Ikea.
  9. Attend a DFC (Debt-Free Community) meetup in my area. I will organize it if I have to.
  10. Take the kids on a couple of vacations. So far we’ve only done day trips since we’ve had our second child. We didn’t go much of anywhere with just the one either.

I’ll be honest, I had originally thought it’d be fun to post a 40 before 40, but apparently I don’t have that many goals! This is a pretty short post, but I have been enjoying my weekend. I’m back tomorrow with another Meal Plan Monday! Have a happy and frugal Sunday, my friends!



  1. goatdogsimple says:

    Hope you can check them all off! I think a couple’s trip sounds amazing. I need to pencil one in on my bucket list, too πŸ™‚

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