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Inexpensive Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Whole Family

Stockings are fun. I remember them being a particular specialty of my mother’s: the stockings could’ve been the whole gift! It is fun filling my kids’ stockings (and the hubby’s) with useful, fun things for Christmas morning. I always have fun picking out what to put in them but do not like allocating a huge chunk of the Christmas gift budget for them. For this post, I have compiled a list of inexpensive stocking stuffers your whole family will enjoy emptying on Christmas morning that won’t leave your wallet feeling empty!

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First, a Small Admission…

I must confess that this year we do not even own stockings! In my YouTube Episode 107 Pre-Holiday Decluttering, I mentioned that I would probably donate quite a few holiday decorations that didn’t go with the color scheme of our new house. The stockings didn’t make the cut!

In an attempt to buy more “adult” looking stockings our first year married I bought really formal, dark-colored burgundy and sage-ish stockings. After having a child I bought two more similar color schemed stockings on sale in preparation for the second child we planned. After not seeing them last Christmas (we lived with my dad in between selling and building our new house) we realized… we don’t like them!

I’d rather not have a nonessential item (I am a minimalist now after all) than hold onto something I don’t like, so they went into the donation box along with a few other breakable decorative items.

In case you’re new here, we are trying to keep glass to a minimum around the house after our son’s injury this summer.

For the Kids

I like to keep stockings fun and simple for the kids while still making the contents useful and not just something that will end up thrown away or donated in short order. Luckily my kids are young enough that saying no to most electronic items is still really easy! Here are a few examples of inexpensive stocking stuffers I have included or plan to include in my kids’ stockings:

Inexpensive Stocking Stuffers For Him

I’m not going to lie; these are ALL things my husband has or suggested! A lot were gifts from previous years and one or two were just ideas he gave me. The names of some of these products are funny, but they really are good products. In years past I was guilty of going to Lowe’s on a lunch hour and shoveling random stuff in my basket for stocking stuffers for the hubs and my dad. Not so much anymore. Here are some inexpensive stocking stuffing ideas based on what my man already owns and loves.

  • A good stocking cap – my husband is still sad he’s misplaced his Carhart cap somewhere in the move to our new house.
  • a good Mag Light because what man doesn’t appreciate a great flashlight?
  • a big a$$ bar of soap- I bought this as a joke one year for my husband, but he is a Duke Cannon convert now! They have scents anywhere for everything from beer to different military branches. They even have a soap on a rope pouch that is hubby approved.
  • Duke Cannon solid cologne – my hubby wears Redwood. I am in no way affiliated with Duke Cannon (I wish) but I LOVE their products! You can google the ingredients and not worry! I’m all about that nontoxic life on a budget!
  • Beard oil – Whether it’s Duke Cannon Big Bourbon or Young Living’s Shutran Beard Oil, you can’t go wrong with an all-natural product!
  • Harry’s razor starter kit – Give him a great shave at an even better price! Set your subscription and get blades delivered to your door when you need them!

For Her

This is the hardest one for me to write and you’d think it’d be the easiest! Here are some items I wouldn’t mind finding in my (nonexistent) stocking this Christmas. Hopefully, I am not the only one. This isn’t the longest list on this post, but I do hope it is helpful. Since my mindset has changed to a more minimalist one it is harder to think of a number of smaller things. I envision clutter. Maybe it’s just me. Please let me know in the comments if that’s how you feel as well!

  • a pretty mug, like in this Pioneer Woman set. You can call me weird, but I do not like drinking hot tea in a stainless steel cup or mug.
  • a bath bomb, plus the guaranteed time to enjoy it
  • lipgloss, not just any lip gloss, but a clean beauty brand
  • a good lip scrub
  • a ponytail beanie hat – I didn’t know these existed, and I’m already in love! Keep your hair up AND your head warm. Brilliant!
  • Smartwool socks – I own a pair from Duluth and I love them. I believe they are worth every penny.

There You Have it

I do not advise going overboard with stocking stuffers, especially if you have younger kids. Once everyone is older smaller, more valuable gifts may be more appreciated, but when they’re younger I prefer to keep it simple. I do believe I’ve added a stainless steel mug or pair of house shoes to my husband’s stocking in the past, but those were probably the most substantial items I’ve purchased to make their way in a stocking.

Do you use stockings at Christmas? I’d love to hear what you stuff them with! Let me know in the comments! Be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel! Fun things are coming later this week! And I’ll be back on the blog in a couple of days with more helpful holiday-themed tips. Until my next post, stay frugal with your holiday shopping my friends!

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