Home. First of all it’s where you raise your family. It’s where you spend your time. It’s where you keep your (hopefully well organized) stuff. It should be a healthy place. Your health is an important resource. It’s hard to improve other aspects of your life if you don’t have your health. Home shouldn’t be a place for toxic anything.

Keep it simple…

Contrary to what you may think, living healthy and keeping a healthy and non-toxic home does not have to be really expensive. While I want to keep antibiotics and hormones and pesticides out of my food as much as possible, but still have to keep it within the constraints of my budget.

And so when we started building our house we were already making healthier choices for our family. I decided that in the new house we would not use harsh chemicals and household products with questionable ingredients. My approach was not to dump everything out and start fresh, but each time I ran out of a household item I would replace it with a better alternative. Small changes over time have cumulative benefits without the cost of a complete and sudden overhaul.

Thieves® clean

One of the ways you can save money keeping your home clean and healthy is to keep it simple buy buying in bulk and using multipurpose cleaning solutions. Thieves® by Young Living is a concentrated plant- based cleaner that can be diluted in water to different concentrations to clean literally almost everything in your house. I put one or two capfuls in a spray bottle to clean counter tops and showers. For a more concentrated clean I may mix in some baking soda and lemon oil. I am a Young Living Distributor and this is the product that made me fall in love with the company.

Save money by making your own cleaning solutions

Unscented castile soap and choice of oil(s)

Likewise, you can also create your own cleaner from scratch. There are many different non-toxic cleaning recipes to be used at home using inexpensive ingredients. These include vinegar, baking soda, essential oils, and castile soap to name a few. I add a few drops of oil to unscented castile for bathroom hand soaps. It smells lovely and is antibacterial with the right oil choice.

When you use essential oils in your cleaning solutions it is best to use a glass bottle. Take a used glass bottle from your kitchen of an item like apple cider vinegar or sparkling water, wash it, peel off the label (hint: lemon oil works well for this), and voila! Pair it with the sprayer from a dollar store bottle and you’re in business!

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As a result of careful consideration and a little mixing of ingredients you can save a lot of money and keep a lot of harmful toxins from your home.