comfort foods for chilly nights

It’s hard to believe October is almost over! Where did the month go? Where has the year gone! It’s another Meal Plan Monday here at a Life on a Dime and I love this time of year. I love comfort foods for chilly nights! Here is the meal plan for the final installment of Meal Plan Monday on the blog. October is winding down and with it Blogtober.

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Comfort Foods for Chilly Nights

MondayTurkey meatloaf with roasted vegetables. I have potatoes, peppers, and squash. Meatloaf is definitely comfort food, but the ground turkey makes it a little easier on the stomach than red meat. If you have bell peppers you can also hollow them out and make stuffed peppers.

Tuesday – It’s probably no surprise by now, but it’s Taco Tuesday around here. It’s not forecast to be really cold Tuesday night, but I may make taco soup. If I opt for taco soup I will probably slow cook ground turkey in chicken broth with rotel tomatoes and chili peppers, corn, and seasoning. I may throw in a packet of ranch to keep the flavor mild.

Wednesday – We will be eating chicken and rice. There are several different ways to prepare this. I was unable to pick up a few items at Aldi Friday that were on the list, so I may have to pick up the few needed ingredients to make this soup. This is my husband’s specialty, so it will be made this week if he has time/inspiration to cook. If not I may go casserole-style with this dish.

Thursday – Mummified turkey dogs/brats. I found this adorable idea courtesy of blogtober! I can’t find where I bookmarked or pinned the blog I originally saw this on, but they’re everywhere on Google search. Basically it’s pigs (or birds) in a blanket only the wrap is spread out thinner to look like a mummy. I will probably add a salad and a veggie to the menu for mom and dad.

Friday – We’re having homemade pizza. I have turkey pepperoni and 1/4 of the pizza will be covered with vegan “cheese” for the kids. I like to mix minced garlic into the sauce.

Saturday – We will be having turkey chili. This time I’ll stick to the recipe.

Sunday – I’m pulling out the sandwich maker again and fixing hot sandwiches and homemade soup. I’m thinking of trying this roasted red pepper soup again. Last time I made it I was working with someone else’s blender and didn’t get good results, but it looked so promising.

Don’t Forget the Chilly Mornings!

As I write this I’m in a bit of a baking mood, so in addition to baking up a loaf of bread, I plan to bake up some spinach frittatas for easy breakfasts. Once I’ve played with it some more I’ll post the recipe. I may have to bite the bullet and order these silicone baking cups once and for all! I also have oatmeal on and to increase the chances of heading off to school with something more warm and filling than cereal to start the day.

And here are the printables to make life a little easier!

Happy eating! I will be back tomorrow with more new content. Only three days left of Blogtober! Be sure to subscribe if you want to continue receiving the weekly meal plan!


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