happy haunting for $1

Halloween is coming up fast! It would be a fright not to be prepared! But don’t worry! You still have time to get ready without breaking the bank! You can send have happy haunting for $1 Halloween night! Blogtober day 3 is here and I’m bringing you more Halloween deals! If you still need costume ideas, refer back to yesterday’s post of 7 Costume Ideas Pulled Together on a Dime from Amazon and thrift store finds.

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Happy Haunting for $1 this Halloween

This year don’t overpay at the grocery superstore for anything; just go to Dollar Tree and get what you need. Besides staying well-stocked on candy year-round for your trick or treaters you can also get Halloween decorations, costume accessories, and more all in one stop, and all for the bargain price of $1 apiece! Your budget will definitely want to thank me or this money-saving tip!

Whether you need a dragon mask, cat ears, or all the cool accessories for your little ninja (soft and harmless materials!), devil ears, or a full-on ladybug costume complete with wings, polka dot skirt, and antenna you can find them at Dollar Tree! Why pay $30 for a costume that likely won’t fit for long or only be worn once and then donated when you can get what you need for $1 apiece? You can even scoop up some goody bags there too!

happy haunting for $1

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You Can Shop Online in Your Pajamas for Your Halloween Party!

Did you know that a lot of Dollar Tree items are available online?! Shop for your Halloween party decorations, party supplies, and Halloween candy from the comfort of home! Check out all the great options on costume accessories as well.

Get in the Halloween spirit for just $1

This is a great option for teachers and homeroom moms as well! Where are you going to find everything happy haunting for a class party for $1 or less? While you’re at it pick up some party snacks and keep the savings rolling!

Safety First on Halloween

You can also find a good selection of glow-in-the-dark accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, wands, and even unicorn horns and fake nails in-store and on-line. Keep your precious little princesses, goblins, and ghouls safe while they’re out trick or treating and make sure people can see them! Here is to safe and happy hauntings this Halloween!

Stay safe out there!


Halloween is just around the corner! What better way to spend #blogtober day 4 than talking about how to Halloween on a dime?! This was a fun one to put together. Halloween can be quite draining on the budget if you’re not careful. But, if done right you won’t break the bank and you’ll be able to reuse some if not all the costume pieces!

*This page contains affiliate links. At no cost to you I earn a commission if you make a purchase after clicking my links.*

Wonder Woman

halloween on a dime

My six-year-old has decided to be Wonder Woman for Halloween this year and this frugal mama couldn’t be happier! Not only did she pick a great character we already have 75% of what is needed to put this look together! She already owns a Wonder Woman t-shirt (courtesy of her Gigi who is a big WW fan) and some blue leggings with white stars! All I have to do is come up with a belt, headband, and cuff bracelets! I will either make my ow with felt or take the easy route with this wearable cake topper set. We will forgo the whip for safety reasons. Even going the easy route this is a way to pull Halloween on a dime off for less than $10.

Puppy or Kitty

This was my costume pick for my son last year, which he refused to participate in. He was one. I didn’t fight him! The plan was to use a kid’s puppy headband with ears and tail I got at a dollar store and put him in solid colored sweats or a t-shirt and leggings depending on the weather. Weather on Halloween in Arkansas is either 90 degrees or snowing! The great thing about this idea is it would work for lots of different animals and you can do patterns – felt patches or simple fabric paint would add a cute touch for an adorable Halloween costume on a dime. The total cost would be $10 or under!

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Wednesday Addams or the Whole Addams Family

halloween on a dime

Or dress the whole family up Addams family style! This simple black collared dress for $22.99 and a long black braided wig would work perfectly. Add a little pale powder to the face and voila! The dress is cute and can easily be worn again. It wouldn’t be hard or expensive to get the whole family involved in this one. Most items could be worn again!


Another aborted Halloween costume last year! My daughter said she wanted to be a minion several times so I found a cute pair of oshkosh overalls to wear with a yellow tee she already owned and a yellow stocking cap and goggles. It was such a cute idea and the overalls would’ve gotten a lot of wear, but she decided to do something a little girlier.

Instead, she wore a Barbie princess costume from the dress-up stash at her Pa’s house to the school carnival and… Tinkerbell trick or treating. The total cost for this idea would’ve been under $30 with everything being reusable. So we definitely did Halloween on a dime last year, with $0 spent on costumes!

Conjure up a Harry Potter Wizard Costume on a Dime!

All a girl needs is to curl her hair, put on a black pullover sweater, Hogwarts patch, dark skirt, and a simple wand to pull off a Hermoine costume. The patch can be purchased for less than $10 and most of us probably already have the basic sweater and skirt. Guys just need dark pants. Pair with a black bathrobe or thrifted graduation gown and iconic glasses for the full Harry effect. The striped tie could be thrifted as well.

Peter Pan & Crew

halloween on a dime

My family actually did this one year! I ordered a long-sleeved blue dress and a Captain Hook costume and hat from Amazon. Our daughter dressed up as Tinkerbell. I got to wear my dress several more times and even though it’s been two years she still wears the Tinkerbell costume! We ended up donating the Hook costume during one of our many decluttering efforts prior to the move. Our son was just a baby at the time and he wore an adorable pair of Peter Pan pajamas that kept him quite comfortable and he was able to wear them several times after Halloween. It was a fun family costume ensemble!

It wasn’t our most frugal year for sure, but we got a lot of wear out of most of the pieces. Now that I am smarter, wiser, and more frugal I would look at thrift stores beforehand to put together the Hook costume. This ensemble was over $100, but the kids and I definitely got our money’s worth out of our costumes.

Zombie Bride or Prom Queen

A quick trip to the thrift store can result in a formal or bridal gown to destroy and instant costume! This one should help you Halloween on a dime for under $10 minus the makeup.

And that concludes my 7 costume ideas to enjoy Halloween on a dime! I’ll be back again tomorrow for another #blogtober post! I hope to see you then!