2020 Erin condren planner review

The below is my impression of my gifted Erin Condren Life Planner, Budget Bundle, and Take Note College Ruled Notebook. Items were gifted, but opinions are my own. With that said, let’s get in with my 2020 Erin Condren planner review.

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i started thinking about the perfect 2020 planner in November

In the first week of November as I filled out my special dates, goals, and note to self sections for the new month I was reminded of my 2019 planner’s shortfalls. For one, the goals section is small, and on the inside of the left-hand page by the spiral so that I can’t fit my hand comfortably to write out my goals. There is also only lined one page (ONE PAGE) per month to write out longer handed notes. 

To be fair there are a few lined pages for notes in the back, but they have long been doodled up my helpful two-year-old.

So when I became an affiliate for Erin Condren through Share a Sale and was offered to pick out my own planner I jumped at the chance! I have long admired the style and design of these beautiful planners. Just to be clear, the planner, as well as a few other accessories, were gifted, but I will give my honest opinion of the products.

And before I forget, you should know that you can shop Erin Condren planners and calendars at 20% off or stationary and other accessories at 30% off through January 2nd. It doesn’t get much better than that folks!

Let’s break this 2020 Erin Condren planner review down with the specifics and what I was looking for in a planner versus my 2019 cheapo from Walmart…

here it is… my 2020 erin condren planner review

Big, but not too Big

I love having more room to write. My gifted planner has so much more room to write, as evidenced by this size comparison. I love being able to write and not being crowded by the rings. And I LOVE the rose gold ring! You can customize the color of the ring with Erin Condren, and for my planner, I had to try the rose gold. I was not disappointed! It measures 7″ x 9″.

2020 Erin Condren planner review


As far as design goes I LOVE the design, and I was able to personalize my planner like no other place I know. I picked the cover design, interior color scheme, coil color, and put my name on it. None of which were options with my cheap planner from Walmart last year. I think this definitely falls in the category of Frugal isn’t Cheap as it serves my needs and suits my style. Now I won’t constantly be adding notes to my phone or buying additional notepads because my planner doesn’t have space to… plan.

I chose the watercolor flower design and I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome! The cover is laminated, which not only allows for dry erase notes (yes, there is even a lined space inside the cover for that), but is just an added layer of durability. Also worth noting, I chose the vertical layout. My only qualm on the design is small – I would like to have an option on the design of the interior pages and not just the color scheme; I’m not a huge fan of the popular kaleidoscope theme.

Erin Condren 2020 Planner Review


I am a mom and  I carry a large handbag. It’s just a fact of life. This planner fits in my handbag. It’s large, but not huge. It has just enough of what I need and not much I don’t. Each month has a bullet journal space. While I like the idea, I admittedly am not the most artistic person. 

I love the fact that each month has more space to write my goals, notes, and special dates to keep track of. There is also a month at a glance page to write all important dates on the same page.

Erin Condren 2020 Planner Review

I do not see any sections of this planner that will not be put to good use. It may take me a while to decide how to use the bullet journal portions on every month at a glance page, but I am excited to figure it out!

Not too Many Stickers

It’s not that I don’t like stickers, but I do not really use them. And I have a six-year-old who REALLY likes them and uses them at every chance. So the odds of me using stickers and not getting them swiped weren’t that great. I like the fact that stickers can be ordered separately.

overall impression of the life planner

I am very impressed with the design, ease of use, and durability. It is fairly safe to say I am a convert for life! I enjoy reading the inspirational messages on the pages, and immediately got to work meal planning and writing out regular appointments. I have my goals set for January, know what appointments I need to make, and have a head start mapping out blog posts as well. This planner is definitely worth the small investment and would even make a great gift.

2020 Erin Condren Planner Review

my impression of the take note college-ruled notebook

This is a solid notebook. I took it to church with me and wrote sermon notes in it. The paper is of good, thick quality which I can really appreciate. Pages are also lined front and back, which allows for much more note-taking. 

Even though it is about the same size as the Life Planner it still fits in my handbag (again, mom so I have a huge bag, but…) and it didn’t weigh it down. This notebook will probably be in my bag more often than not going forward. I also chose the watercolor flower design and had my name engraved on the notebook. 

budget bundle review

I must say I was intrigued when I saw a  budget planner so I included it in my cart. Not only is it incredibly colorful and stylish, but it is also very useful. It comes with 12 budget spreads, weekly spending summaries, savings goal tracker, a debt tracker, monthly savings and expense spreads, as well as a metallic sticker sheet. The stickers are pretty cute and can help to make budgeting a little more fun. 

In addition, the Budget Bundle also includes two sets of sticker sheets, a dual-tip marker set, and the Petite Planner. The smaller planner includes 80 checklist pages. This set would be great for a beginner budgeter; the colorful pages and stickers can make the somewhat tedious task of budgeting a little more fun.

to sum up my Erin Condren 2020 planner review

All in all, I am very impressed with the Erin Condren products I have tried so far and plan to continue to buy and possibly even gift more of these in the future. I noticed they also have a planner for children, so that is something to keep in mind for a certain middle school-aged niece and my own daughter when she’s ready. I also know a teenaged girl or two who probably wouldn’t mind a 2021 planner next Christmas. 

And now, the fun part! A giveaway! I am a digital girl when it comes to budgeting, so the entire Budget Bundle will go to one lucky blog subscriber! The winner will be chosen on January 15th, 2020. All you need to do to enter is to be an email subscriber to the blog. If you live outside the continental US I will email you a gift card. Please do not subscribe only to unsubscribe after the giveaway.  

I hope you are all having a splendid last few days of 2019 and look forward to getting to know you more in 2020! Stay frugal my friends and don’t forget to subscribe for your chance to win! In conclusion, I give the Erin Condren Life Planner and other products reviewed in this post a 9 out of 10. If you feel so inclined to shop Erin Condren please help a blogger out and use my links and remember the sale ends January 2nd. Until next time!




get organized

You may be wondering about the title of this post – I just preached to get rid of all your clutter to free up space, so what could I possibly have left to organize and store? Quite a bit actually.

We still live in our house. We still have kids. I couldn’t donate them even if they are the biggest source of clutter in my house. So we organize. On a dime.

I posted in my Instagram stories during Clutter Week about a few purchases. Yes, I bought things while I was decluttering. They were planned purchases and I spent a minimal amount of money. Less than $10 came out of the budget. This may sound petty, but we had our DVDs stored in bins. The bins were chosen for our first place, a duplex, where we had a modern color scheme of red, black, and beige. Now that we are settled into our farmhouse I am decorating mostly in blues. The red and brown bins in my blue and gray living room irked me every time I looked at them. 

Get Organized in 3 Easy Steps

Step One – Declutter

The first step you’ve (hopefully) already done! Declutter your stuff! Get rid of what you don’t use so you can make room for what you do! If you haven’t already done this go back and read the Clutter Week posts to get an idea of how to get started.

Step 2 – Decant Some Categories

This is a fancy way of saying to take bulky stuff out of its packaging when possible. With food, it may mean storing snacks in clear containers that make it easier to look in the cabinet and see what you need. Then you can recycle the original packaging.

With CDs (if you still have or buy those) it will look like taking all the discs and the cover art/tracklist out of the case. Hopefully, you live near a place that recycles them.

Step 3 – Group Items by Use

Group items by use after decluttering/decanting. In the kitchen, it makes sense to put all the decanted snacks together, dry foods together, spices, etc. All CDs and even DVDs can be stored in an organizing binder by category. I actually got rid of most of my CDs. They were already organized, but after spending a year in storage I didn’t miss any of them. I am good streaming.

get organized

I keep our movies organized in simple galvanized tubs that actually drink dispenser stands. They were exactly the right size and on clearance. Double win! All trilogies and sets are in one tin organized by set. Video games and Wii controllers are in the tin below.

get organized

I even got my oily items organized this past week when my handy hubby built me an oily shelf for the master bathroom. Now my oils and lotions aren’t taking up counter space or rolling around in a drawer. The best part was this little project was less than $10 to complete! One specialty router bit to make a groove for the large bottles to nestle in was all that was needed! This was accomplished with a coupon!

get organized

After our son’s accident, we decided not to take any more chances. My husband made a wall shelf out of leftover plywood from other projects to store detergent and other items that need to be kept out of little hands. You don’t have to spend a lot (or sometimes any) money to get organized. Paint supplies are kept on top so I don’t have unexpected art on the walls but don’t need to ask my husband to get in the attic if I feel the urge to get crafty.

Shop Your House First to Save Money

Sometimes I also shop around my house to see if there are storage items that can be used in a different way. We use bins in drawers and closets. Sometimes I borrow between rooms if I’ve decluttered one area and no longer need a bin or box but may need something in another room. For example, I kept eggs in a wire basket that proved too deep and resulted in a few cracked eggs. It made a perfect basket for K-cups in the cabinet.