birthday budget

June is the birth month for both of my children, which could really add up… if we let ourselves get caught up in the hoopla. Last year being our son’s first birthday we did give each a separate family party at home. This year with all the summer traveling going on we decided to do one backyard barbecue to celebrate both kids. One birthday budget for both kids.

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What a birthday like at our house

We had pancakes for breakfast and a simple meal of pizza at home on the day of my son’s birthday because those are his favorite foods. Just being two, and needing clothes for warmer weather before his actual birthday I took him shopping just the two of us and purchased four little outfits for around $20 ahead of time. We sang him Happy Birthday at every meal and had an otherwise typical day at home. And you know what? He felt loved and knew we were happy he is around. No clowns or bounce houses required. There is nothing wrong with those things, by the way, if you can afford them and have budgeted for them, but it just isn’t how we choose to spend our money in the birthday budget category this year.

birthday budget

On my daughter’s birthday, we will cook her favorite foods for breakfast and dinner and strive to make her feel special as well. There will probably be one gift to open. She will be six. We are teaching her to appreciate people and experiences more than stuff. As a wannabe minimalist who just purposely built a smaller house for the purpose of not accumulating stuff we decided to incorporate this into her gift and she will be starting martial arts classes. We just visited the studio this afternoon and picked up her uniform. It is a happy coincidence the next session starts on her actual birthday.

The birthday party on a budget

I have a total budget of $150 for the kids’ birthday party this month, martial arts lessons included. This will cover one gift to open from us each and food. For our son, I ordered this cute pedal-powered tractor. Our daughter is getting a T-ball set. We are keeping it simple. We already have condiments. The invitations pictured above were picked out by the kids at Dollar Tree. As the kids get older we will obviously invite more friends and have to plan more activity, but for now, this pace suits us just fine.

How do you budget for birthdays? Do you have a sinking fund? Allocate funds the month leading up to the special event? Please comment and let me know. You can also head on over to the corresponding post on my Instagram page, @alifeonadime and join in on the conversation there.

Happy birthday budgeting!

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