apps I love

The Apps I Love and Use Daily

Below are several of the apps I love and use on a daily basis. Apps make life just a little more organized.


I can’t talk about apps I love without mentioning Google search first! It is literally at the top of my home screen on my phone and I consult it several times a day. A whole world of knowledge is at my fingertips. All I have to do is say, “Ok Google,” and I find out what I need to know in seconds.

You might guess, I’m a big fan of Google! I love that I can default my phone pictures to save to Google Photos instead of the phone’s built-in gallery. This way all my photos are backed-up online and accessible anywhere, but when I change phones they are automatically accessible as soon as I log into Google.

And not just my photos, but my email and phone contacts as well!

Budgeting, Rebates, and Surveys

I love EveryDollar by Ramsey Solutions. I have used this almost as long as it’s been around. It’s free and it works so well! It is also really nice to always have my budget with me. I first started budgeting on an Excel spreadsheet and the Quicken at home. This is much more user-friendly. And free! Did I mention free? You can pay for the Premium version and have it linked to your bank account but I like the added layer of accountability I get with entering transactions manually.

I love a good survey or rebate app. I use quite a few. When I have a few spare minutes I scan my receipts or take a quick survey and it adds up to free money. Cash-out once you reach $20. It’s that simple. You can earn cashback in gift cards or cash depending on the app. If you want a signup link/referral code check out my Recommendations page. One-stop for several links and codes.

Visit the Library on Your Tablet!

apps I love

I use a Kindle Fire. It is a great e-reader and tablet, especially considering its budget-friendly price point and our Prime friendly life. However, it is not compatible with Libby by Overdrive. Enter Hoopla to save the day! I can check out ebooks from my local library on my tablet instead of checking them out on my phone and defaulting to read in the Kindle app. Anything to streamline the process! This is also free!

I love to read and have made a point to learn more this year. I read books on minimalism, finances, motherhood, and the list goes on! Be on the lookout for a Recommended Reading page on this site before too long! I’ve read some good stuff this year.

apps I love

I’ve probably mentioned before that we enjoy Prime at our house. Netflix and Hulu just don’t have free 2-day shipping. Since I do a lot on my phone I also research planned purchases using my Amazon shopping app. If there is something I know I want to buy I can check prices, compare reviews, ask verified customers questions, and do all my research prior to putting the item in my budget. It is so handy! Knowing what things cost beforehand makes it easier for me to stay in budget.

You know I’m frugal. You also probably know by now that I’m oily. I love using the Young Living share app! Want a sample of some of our most popular oils? I can send it through the app. If I need graphics to share or more information on how to use a particular oil that’s new to me it’s all there. There are plenty of DIY tips and recipes for frugal oilers like me as well!

apps I love

Last, but certainly not least I use the WordPress app a lot! I can check my site stats, approve comments, reply to a reader, and even edit posts while I’m out and about! It is great for when I get an idea I know I won’t remember the next time I sit down to work on the blog at home. Are you interested in blogging? Download this app, check out Dream Host for self-hosting, check your budget, and then GO FOR IT! Let me know when you do; I love connecting with other bloggers!

What are some apps you love?

This is just a sampling of apps I love. I have more, but these are most of the apps I use daily. There are a few more I can get into more depth on if I ever post about my experience as a blogger. Let me know what apps you use! I am always interested in free productivity apps! Just haven’t researched them in a while. I just set up lots of reminders on my Google Calendar. Happy app browsing my friends!


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