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It’s Meal Plan Monday again! I hope you enjoyed last week’s menu! For week two I have seven more frugal dinner ideas on the menu. Remember, every Monday in the month of October the #blogtober post will be on our family’s weekly meal plan. If this is helpful to enough of you I will keep posting Meal Plan Mondays after #blogtober is over. Let me know! This week I have a simple dinner menu suited for cooler weather.

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What’s on the Simple Dinner Menu?

Like last week, this week’s meals are simple, frugal, and mostly healthy.

Monday – On Monday I will cook up my Monday night meatloaf recipe with roasted vegetables and a simple salad (for me and the hubs). I have made this meatloaf countless times over about a decade. This was the first recipe I truly made my own. I really don’t even use the recipe anymore. I just wing it.

Tuesday – Usually Tuesday night is taco night, but in honor of the cooler weather, we’re having taco casserole. I use quite a bit less cheese than most recipes call for in an effort not to make our daughter her own separate casserole and add the vegan stuff. She’s old enough she knows it doesn’t taste like cheese and doesn’t like it anymore. Can’t say I blame her! So we just use less cheese in most recipes then watch what she eats the next day more closely.

Wednesday – Spaghetti with Meatballs – I make both from scratch. I will use the second half of the ground turkey package I opened for the taco casserole. You can find the meatball recipe here.

Here is how I make my sauce: Simply open a can of diced tomatoes, a can of tomato paste (for a less watery sauce – if you like it thinner use tomato sauce), and season with parsley, oregano, basil, salt, pepper, and brown sugar to taste and cook on low heat while the pasta cooks. That’s it.

On Thursday – We will have leftovers if there are enough or I will cook up some chicken noodle soup. This has to be one of the easiest, most frugal meals out there. You just need some shredded or chopped chicken (cooked first), egg noodles, broth, spices to taste, and veggie or two of your choice (carrots and peas are common).

Finally Friday – Friday is pizza night.My kids would probably fire me if I didn’t stick to it. The pizza dough and pizza sauce can be found on my recipe page.

Weekend Plans

Saturday – While we have a family dinner is planned, I do have a backup of leftover soup and hot sandwiches. This time of year we use our sandwich maker a lot.

Sunday – Sunday night I will be fixing homemade tomato soup and salmon potato patties.

Keep the Menu Simple and Easy

Over time I’ve found the less complicated a meal is, the more likely my kids are to eat it. An added benefit of a simple dinner menu is having fewer dishes to wash after eating dinner! Click to download the customized meal plan and add ingredients needed to the shopping list for added convenience!

And if you have leftovers building up, just skip one night on the meal plan and eat everything down! Not only does it give you a night off from cooking, it also reduces food waste!

Need Meal Planning Tips?

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  1. camillepearl23 says:

    I’ve been trying to start meal planning again. You keep things so simple and you don’t leave any nights out (I tend to leave weekends free and then we just end up eating out or ordering in). Speaking of your spaghetti night, I’m going to try making my own meatballs tonight, wish me luck!

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