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When it comes to taking on home repairs, the task can be daunting. But, with a little elbow grease and a willingness to learn there is a lot of money to be saved. Today’s frugal friend is Jessica, Army veteran and…. washing machine repairwoman? This summer yes, yes she was! Sometimes when your washing machine breaks you just have to fix it yourself!

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There’s Money to be Saved if You Put in the Time to Fix it Yourself

When things started to go haywire with the washing machine Jessica and her husband Darrell didn’t call a repair service, which can charge upwards of $150 for a service call, they Googled their way to find the problem as well as the solution! A few hours of troubleshooting, a few parts off Amazon, and then one more part to finish the job Jessica ad Darrell were out a total of $153.56 to repair her LG washing machine. Parts only, no labor. With a little determination, she was able to purchase the parts and repair her machine for less than what she could’ve paid for the service call alone! Pretty frugal my friend, pretty frugal!

After the washing machine started doing X an inspection of the machine determined that a new washer pulsator was needed. After a slight hiccup, a pulsator assembly was required, as well as a clutch coupling housing assembly. Don’t know what those are? Neither did I! Until she told me! As I said, it pays to fix it yourself!

fix it yourself

If You do Need to Replace Your Machine Consider Purchasing Used

Frugal fact; my husband and I have NEVER owned a brand new washer and dryer. I have no plans at this point to change that fact either! We have literally saved a few thousand dollars by not buying appliances new. As a bonus, we’ve typically been able to sell our old appliances prior to buying new, so not only have we recouped some of our costs we haven’t just sent them to the landfill every time! That’s a win for our budget and for the environment!

We are fortunate enough to have a great used appliance store in our town that offers used appliances at great prices AND provides a lifetime warranty. In fact, we have now bought two sets there and have been fairly pleased with the service as well. There were no major issues with the first set we bought, but we sold it out of our storage unit when we realized we wanted a stacked unit for the new house during the build.

I was determined that with enough time I could find a good used set. I googled and called every used appliance shop in the county. Pretty much every shop told me that they didn’t have a matching set and they sold fast. We found repairmen with side businesses on Craigslist but missed out on a few good deals.

Call it intuition or just plain luck, but one day I decided to call the store we bought our previous set from. They had ONE stackable washer and dryer set in stock for $450! I immediately loaded up the toddler and headed to the store. We paid for it and my husband came back the next day to pick up the set. They were in great condition and came with a lifetime warranty. The only hitch with the warranty is that you have to bring the appliance to them for in-shop repairs only. Service calls aren’t covered under the warranty.

Our First Problem

One evening the washing machine made a very wrong noise. He called his brother-in-law who helped stack the thing in the first place and arranged for help the next day unstacking the set to take into the shop for repair. The problem with that is my husband works seven days a week and doesn’t always get home in time to handle it himself. I can pull the vehicle forward with a trailer, but couldn’t turn around easily (or at all) in the small parking lot.

My husband removed a panel, and could immediately tell where the problem was. He disconnected the part and I took it to the shop the next day with our receipt/proof of warranty. They replaced something in said part and I took it back home. Hubby was able to reinstall it and the washer has been running perfectly ever since.

While we didn’t replace the defective inner part, we did save money on the service call with my husband handling the actual removal and installation of the part. It pays to fix it yourself! We didn’t technically do all the fixing, but it saved time and money handling it the way we did.

Can You Fix it Yourself?

How handy are you? Have you saved big money on fixing things yourself or do you have a cautionary tale or two to tell? Either way, I want to hear! Either comment here or I’ll be chatting about it on Instagram stories today! This reminds me, I’ve got some laundry to do! Have a happy Saturday! Stay frugal my friends!

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