.minimalist's spring to-do list


I am really excited about warmer weather, sunshine, and a good spring-cleaned house. #MinimalistInMarch continues on a Life on a Dime! I just did a good declutter, which you can watch on the YouTube channel, and have been working on my To-Do list for spring. This post is all about this minimalist’s spring To-Do list!

Not surprisingly, items from the Minimalist’s Pre-Holiday To-Do List are making an appearance on my spring list. If you want the full checklist to print out then be sure to sign up as a frugal friend and it’ll be yours! If you’re already a frugal friend it’s coming your way shortly!

Now let’s get down to it! I’m sharing all about how this minimalist is getting ready for spring now!


I’ve already gotten a good start on this one! I plan to do a quick run-through of the kitchen and laundry room as well as more of our room this week.  

We recently bought a new mattress (I may share more on this in a post next month), and had finally been able to deflate the air bed (long story, for another post – or check out my Instagram post on the matter). We need to get that stored in the attic and find a new purpose or home for the old topper. I couldn’t keep kids off of it so it is just hanging out in our room taking up space. 

We’ve also had toddler bed pieces taking up space for a few months now since transitioning little man to a twin. He wasn’t having it on the tiny bed anymore. It will be rehomed with my best friend for her littlest one. It’s at the top of my list to get together with her and pass it on along with some of the decluttered clothes from the kids.

Minimalist’S SPRING To-Do list: declutter leads to a resale shop visit and thrift store donation

The clothes my friend doesn’t take will be designated as resale or donation items. I will take what I have to the resale shop for store credit on spring clothes for the kids. After decluttering it became painfully obvious my daughter needs short-sleeved shirts, sweaters for Sunday dresses, and pajamas. 

Little man will need shorts and lightweight pants as well as shoes. His boots have held up well, but he outgrew his tennis shoes. What the resale shop doesn’t take will be dropped off at the donation center. 


I need to clean pretty much all the things and check filters. The latter task I am not so good at doing, so I’m adding it to my checklist!  

I start at the top and work my down going room to room by category. I like to clean both bathrooms in one sweep, the bedrooms in one go, and the living areas together. I’ll include more of the details in the checklist and have a YouTube video up next Thursday showing the process as well as recipes for what I use! 

I love having a deep-cleaned home. It gets tidied up several times a week, but a good deep-clean doesn’t happen as often as I like. Deep-cleaning usually happens on a seasonal basis. Be on the lookout for a Clean With Me video coming soon on the YouTube channel!


We tend to eat differently in the winter months than in the spring and summer months, so typical items in the pantry change a bit; winter months we eat warmer, heartier meals like soups and a few more casseroles. In the spring and summer months, we eat more salads, fresh vegetables, and it’s somewhat lighter fare. I also like to cook some turkey, salmon, or veggie burgers more often in the spring and summer. 

It’s a good idea to go through the pantry and check the labels on foods once in a while. I think this is a great time to do this. Sometimes when we have veggie scraps for the compost pile I toss them in the freezer to deal with later. I recently pulled them out and went through the fridge contents. Then I made a quick trip outside to the compost heap. I  also discovered two partial bags of noodles in the cabinet that needed to be consolidated. Now I can use them up before I open a new bag. I wondered where all the bag clips had gone!

Aside from the changing menu affecting the pantry, as I explained in Panic vs Preparation: a Minimalist’s Take we are also slowly building our emergency kit and keeping more nonperishables on hand than we typically would (we don’t eat a lot of canned vegetables).  So not only have I been adding a bit more produce on the grocery list I’ve bought bottled water (which, if you have read 10 Things Minimalists Don’t Waste Money On you know I don’t typically use them) and a few more shelf-stable items the last two trips to the grocery store. 


It is nice to not rely on central heat or air conditioning and enjoy a fresh breeze coming in through the house for a while. I like to get some of that winter stuffy air out and enjoy crisp spring air… for a little bit at least. I also don’t want a bunch of pollen inside setting off allergies. 

I have some outdoor-loving kids and while I’ve never been outdoorsy per-se I do love the kids entertaining themselves without large messes and almost anything that involves no mess in the house, screen time, or spending money is a win in my book. So we’ll be soaking up some more vitamin D than we have been and enjoying the warmer weather.

We also have plans to get a garden in this year so we’ll have to do quite a bit of work to make that happen. We haven’t had a garden in three years so I am so excited about the possibility of getting a few veggies as well as a variety of greens in the ground.


Do you have a list of chores or cleaning you do every spring? I love releasing some clutter and cleaning up what’s left periodically; it’s so much easier to clean and maintain when there’s less stuff! And remember, if you do any decluttering and share on social media be sure to use #MinimalistInMarch! I’ll share it in my stories! I love a good declutter!

Until next time stay frugal and minimal my friends! Good luck with your spring cleaning!  

minimalist's spring to-do list


  1. Louna says:

    I do love a good spring clean! It’s so refreshing and helps with motivation. I believe that a clear home can help a clear mind. Thanks for the fab post!

    Stay wonderful x

  2. Fiona Sommer says:

    I wish I even wanted to clean my apartment at this point. There’s three of us in a two bedroom with a whooooole lot of stuff. So it always seems like no matter how often I clean, there’s still just a giant clutter fest waiting around the next corner.

  3. Charity says:

    This is a great to do list for spring! I definitely need to declutter some things myself and spring is the perfect time to do it I think!

  4. Lisa says:

    There’s something about Spring that just beckons a declutter. I’m going to treat myself to getting some cleaners in to deep clean our house in due course but I will need to have a clear out before then. Good tip about the kitchen store cupboards, I hate to think how much out of date food we have lurking in ours, haha! Lisa 🙂

  5. Unwanted Life says:

    I could do with a clean up, but it’s largely due to do with living in a single room, but having the stuff I want for a flat to myself. The last declutter I gave a tonne of stuff to charity, but I got zero space back from doing it. Which was annoying

  6. Kyra | says:

    I haven’t planned on spring cleaning though looking around I think it’d be a good idea! Especially a wardrobe clean out as I have so many clothes I just simply don’t wear!

  7. Ana says:

    I’m spring cleaning, too! My pantry is in a sad state so I expect to find a collection of half used bags of one thing or another. It feels so good to get organized and check some items off my to-do list. Creating a donate pile as well. My son is outgrowing everything so fast!

    • alifeonadime says:

      Those half-empty bags are everywhere! I need to move the rest of the snacky things out of the lower corner cabinet. It’s just too tempting for the kids! Our pantry is looking pretty good now. I hope the rain is done for the day so I can get my donate pile out of the laundry room floor today!

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  9. Sarah says:

    My spring to-do list is pretty similar to this. Right now I’m doing a combination spring clean and decluttering. As I clean each room or area, I go through what’s there and get rid of anything we don’t need. I also recently went through our emergency kit to ensure it was still well-stocked and that everything was still in date. Any day that we have good weather I’m outside as well, still tons of snow here but hey I will take advantage of any decent weather to get out and enjoy the sun. Before too long it will be the gardening season, you know, I about 3 months.

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