buy clothes second hand

Summer Edition

Buy clothes second hand because clothing your kids for the summer doesn’t have to be expensive. For the most part,I don’t invest in a lot of clothing over the summer. Really, to be honest, I don’t invest a lot in kids’ clothes period. Here’s why; they outgrow it or ruin it very quickly.

My daughter was my “daycare kid.” I learned quickly it does not pay to dress your child to impress at daycare; the teachers are outnumbered, underpaid, and basically just trying to keep your kid alive all day. Stains and the occasional rip are just part of the deal.

Kindergarten wasn’t much easier on clothes but I was so glad I hadn’t bought new, expensive items when I saw my daughter get off the bus each day. First, there was the experimenting with the scissors ( on the knees of leggings and her bangs!), then there were the endless grass stains. No sweat kid. Keep it up and you’ll be out of clothes, but at least I didn’t spend a lot of money on clothing.

Swimwear can be so Expensive!

buy clothes second hand

A quick browse on shopping apps such as Amazon and Target made me realize the annual gifted swimming lessons were going to be major budget busters after my daughter had outgrown two of her three swimsuits. Tempted to run to Target to save 10% off on an in-store purchase I decided to check a local resale shop and scored! It cost less to buy both kids new swimwear than it would’ve to buy my toddler a rash guard and trunks. He isn’t even a fan of the water, so why waste $20 to watch him NOT get in the water?! Use that money elsewhere in the budget!

buy clothes second hand
$8 total!
buy clothes second hand
toddler’s rash guard and trunks


Moral of the story? Get out there and check out the thrift and consignment shops for swimwear! Buy clothes second hand and keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket!