weird ways to save


weird ways to save

Three ways to save money you may have overlooked

Looking for more creative ways to cut your budget? Here are three weird ways to save we use every month you may not have considered. Maybe even put that saved money toward your emergency fund.

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  1.  Dump your trash service. In our entire almost 13 years of marriage we have not had trash service. This was initially the result of sticker shock.

We recycled a lot when we first married (by recycled I mean I organized items in bins in the garage and when they got full/stinky my husband took them in) and only had a couple of bags of trash a month. It didn’t seem worth it to pay for the service when once a month we (again, him) could drive it to the transfer station, drop off recycling, and pay a nominal fee per bag.

Once we moved out in the county this option became even easier. We live 15 minutes from the transfer station. Sometimes transfer stations take more recyclables than your city service. Check around. The less trash you have the better right?

Trash service where we live costs about as much as in town but usually involves an individual company operating by driving a single truck with a metal cage in the bed. Recycling isn’t included. It’s still more cost-effective to keep doing what we do.

I slacked off on recycling the last few years but recently started up again. My daughter and I take it in weekly. I don’t have a fancy blue bin or tote to keep up with so for the moment we use an empty box or bag and just and recycle that too once we’re done.

I can honestly say we take out the trash a lot less often since we started recycling again. Win, win! Check out Earth911 for recycling options near you.

2. I refuse to pay shipping if at all possible. This may not be weird but I definitely think it is overlooked.

Have a Prime subscription? Set your search filter to Prime-only and don’t even consider items that don’t have free shipping. Don’t have one? Sign up for a free trial here.

Buying online from a retailer with a brick and mortar location close by? Most items ship free to store.

3. Lastly, you can save money by participating in surveys and research studies for things you’re going to do/buy anyway. I was selected for an Arbor Day Foundation survey and in return got 12 tree slips for a nominal donation. We needed the trees and would’ve bought them at a higher cost anyway.

If you know you can resist the sales pitch you can even score a free night or two at a timeshare. I haven’t personally done this, but know families who have done this for a weekend getaway to Branson or other weekend destinations. 

There are lots of creative ways to save money. I’d love to hear your favorite “weird” ways to save? Leave a comment below and keep the conversation going!

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