Hello my frugal friends! A Life on a Dime is back with MORE side hustle ideas for you! Let 2020 be the year you get your hustle on! Use these along with my original 6 Legitimate Side Hustle Ideas and these to earn yourself some extra money!

There are lots of side hustle options out there if you know where to look. And how to spot the scams. You should never pay to join any sites or be out more money than you are guaranteed to earn when working a side hustle.

The only exception I can think of here is equipment investment or site hosting fees for a blog. Even if it is just a passion project, be sure to keep it in budget!

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As I mentioned in my recent Side Hustle Update, I made over $100 last year in gift cards simply by participating in taste tests through the local university’s Food Science department. It’s simple, usually takes 20 minutes, and yields $10-$40 in gift cards each test!

I find this to be a fun way to earn Walmart gift cards and purchase items that may fall outside the budget. Just check out the Food Science Department’s page on the university website for more information to get started in your area!

This is probably my highest earning side hustle to date. I am so excited that class is back in session and I have been contacted about two tests this week! It’s a two-step process being chosen with the first being a questionnaire and availability check. Then, based on your answers and availability, if chosen a second email is sent with the test time and any special instructions.

I sign in, participate in the taste test, and walk out with a gift card or cards depending on the payout. It’s simple, easy, and gives me a little kid-free time.


Did you know you can be paid to test food at your favorite restaurants? How’s that for a tasty side hustle?! Write a simple review in exchange for gift cards to the establishment! And there are a lot more side hustle ideas with this option than I even realized.

The possibilities seem almost endless if you’re willing to put in a little effort with the research to find them. Or just click the links below for some of the ideas I found.

Review Wendy’s for a Secret Diner! Click Here!

Review Subway for a Secret Diner! Click Here!

Become a Snack Tester! Click Here!

Review and keep a iHop gift card! Click Here!

This is a good way to eat out on a tight budget!


Get paid to shop sites and places like Amazon, Costco, and more! In exchange for reviewing it you can keep up to $200 in free product! Do you want to try out a Mamaroo Bouncer? Get one free in exchange for reviewing the product!

There are lots of ways to be a mystery shopper including apps. Field Agent is a popular app that works by crowdsourcing “the smartphones of workers across the United States and six other countries to equip brands, retailers, and other businesses with fast, accurate retail information, shopper insights, and digital product demos.”

In other words, you can get paid to use your smartphone to complete a simple task while you’re out running your regular errands. I have not personally used the app, but have seen it mentioned often in the debt-free community on social media.


Market your services with tasks such as errands, home cleaning, item removal, furniture assembly, and more with sites such as AirTasker and Task Rabbit. This can be a great way to earn money on the side when you have the time. Get paid to help someone move, deliver appliances, get some landscaping done, you name it!

You could do this one offline and offer to walk the neighbor’s dogs, help with yard work, or wash the windows. Additionally, you can try your luck in another neighborhood.


Have some great recipes to share? Why not release an ebook? Maybe you have an awesome idea for an app or online course? There are lots of platforms like Teachable and GumRoad to help you do just that. Build your course online and start earning money!

Set up an eCommerce site, do a little online promotion, and automate some additional income! And this is a great way to market services such as online coaching, social media management, and a lot more, so do a little research, see if there is a need for your knowledge and expertise, then get building!

If you are able to build a faithful following through a blog and earn an income sharing your knowledge and connecting with others.


Obviously this is a career field that is on the rise and worth looking into. There are lots of part-time work from home jobs on the market. A simple search on an online job site will yield some great leads on companies and the pay range you can expect for the field you’re interested in. This is also a good way to find out if you need to meet any additional requirements.


Do you have a side hustle? Maybe a passion project that has turned into a little hustle or has the potential to. I’d love to hear about it. At a minimum, my goal for my side hustles is to break even with my hosting fees and operating costs for my blog and YouTube channel.

My ultimate goal is to earn a steady income with one or more of these hustles to at least contribute to the household budget on a regular basis.

Either way, I am passionate about this little blog and my other hustles and love the challenges they bring. It keeps my mind sharper and prevents me from getting too lazy or anti-social being at home.

I’d love to hear about your side hustles or why you are motivated to find one or more! And do tell me if you take up a hustle suggested in my posts! I’d love to hear how it works out for you!

I’ll keep posting more side hustle ideas as I find them. Until next time, stay frugal and get your side hustle on my friends!

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